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Jul 25, 2009 07:50 PM

Best French Fries

Now that I've gotten some help with finding good burgers...

I was wondering who has the best fries?

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  1. Lüke's fries are pretty amazing. Their burger looks great too. I keep telling myself to try the burger, but I always order something else. If a $16 burger can be a bargain, it looks like it would qualify. The Allen Benton bacon is ethereal. (had it on the flamenküche) The ketchup is Heinz which is fine by me. It doesn't have to be made in-house.

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    1. re: Cajun Caster

      Luke's burger is very good. IMO best fries: La Boca, Luke and Rambla's patas bravas (technically fried potato cubes).

    2. Just had some Abita Beer-Battered Fries at Marigny Brasserie. It appeared to be a whole baking potato, cut into wedges, coated in batter and fried golden brown and served with a chipotle ketchup. Ordered them as an appetizer, but would also make a good vegetarian entree.

      1. Patois, Crepe Nanou, Chateau du Lac, and Clementine's for their frites w/moules.

        for sweet fries, Rivershack. and try their special sauce.

        1. I do like the fries at Luke, but the best are at Cooter Browns.

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            oh yes, cheese fries from Cooter's. and I'll raise you an order of chili cheese fries from Bud's Broiler.

          2. I haven't had them, but friends rave about the fries at Delachaise - they're fried in duck fat.

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