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Jul 25, 2009 07:20 PM

finally! real sushi on cape.

we've been hitting misaki every week or so and while its not bad sushi, its also not great sushi. but moreover, i was really missing the sushi experience. sitting at the sushi bar, talking with your sushi chef, ordering as you go, getting their recommendations, interacting... legitimately neat specials that change.

and inaho might be better sushi, if only slightly. but the atmosphere is definitely lacking there.

someone suggested to me recently that i oughta try Mac's Shack. We've been twice in 2 weeks. It is EVERYTHING a sushi place should be that Misaki and Inaho aren't.

Ichy and Jun, the main chefs, are awesome. They were friendly, personable.... they were responsive, recommended items, etc. The menu items alone were great- there was a yellowtail jalapeno sashimi, and a great halibut sashimi with a hot ponzu. We were wowed though, by fresh sea urchin, in the shell. Our ama ebi was as good as any I've gotten. White tuna and mackerel didn't disappoint either. I even found the seaweed salad to be above par. Yellowtail collar was the best we've ever had. There's still a good assortment of rolls, and between the sushi offerings and a few raw bar supplements, its a fabulous treat all around.

We've found a new hot spot for us to hit... and I know Wellfleet isn't a skip away from Hyannis, but still. Its THAT much better.... it'll be a LONG time before Misaki sees our business again.

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  1. Nice find. Thanks for the report! Unfortunately, for most who reside in the midCape, a place in Welfleet doesn't qualify as an alternative to somwhere in Hyannis. I for one, hardly ever venture down Cape in season. Just too much of a trek in too much traffic to be worth it unless I'm making a whole day of it. I could never imagine doing it just for a lunch, or even a dinner for that matter.

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      we recently moved from the city to the cape, and all live in the harwich/brewster area. it really wasn't a bad outing, and i've learned, everywhere on the cape is a half hour drive, whether its just over the 6 or a few towns away.

      when you really love sushi, and you want an authentic experience, mac's shack is worth the drive. and one better... there's parking and even a parking attendant to show you where....

      1. re: hzp

        Where are they located and are they open past Labour Day? I enjoy a Fall day trip so might consider this when back on Cape Sept.

        1. re: phelana

          I don't honestly don't know... oh wait, through oyster festival weekend, so yes.

          91 Commercial Street
          Wellfleet, MA 02667

    2. If you are lucky enough to catch Chef Hamada at Misaki when the place is quiet, you can chat and interact with him and get his recommendations for that days best fish. He's charming to chat with, especially if you have baseball on your mind. His skills equal Chef Uji at Inaho and the fish selection is as good. Chef Hamada makes the best tamago (sweet egg) found anywhere and getting it on the day it's made is a special treat. The space lacks a rich ambience and the sushi counter stools are not the most comfortable. But, a one-on-one eating event with Chef Hamada at Misaki in Hyannis is as good as it gets for this sushi lover.

      1. FYI - Noticed last week, at the Picnic Box off the Mashpee Rotary adjacent to the Rt. 28 exit to Hyannis is a large lighted sign SUSHI in the evenings. Picnic Box is a breakfast/lunch place. Seems the space is being rented for night/weekend use for sushi. Anybody know if its any good?