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Jul 25, 2009 07:13 PM

Any idea where to find these bulk nuts in Calgary?


A big part of my diet consists of eating a large variety of nuts. I was wondering if anyone might know where to find the following in fairly large quantities ...

- almonds
- pecans
- brazil nuts
- macadamia nuts
- soy nuts (I know community health carries them, but they come in small containers, hoping to find a cheaper source)

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


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  1. Costco is a good place for pecans and almonds.. they come in bags of ~ 1kg in size.. however they are unsalted... the pecans are approx $10-11 for 1 kg. These are down the baking/dried fruit aisle.. You can also look in the section where they sell candy/snacks.. you might be able to find soy nuts there..

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      I second Costco. If you need almonds salted/roasted, check out the snack aisle, you can get large jars of them. They also sell bags of soy nuts in the snack aisle roasted and salted as well as the macadamias, though those are roasted and salted too (I think macadamias are seasonal, didn't see them there recently)

    2. Save on has big bulk areas!

        1. Superstore has almonds, pecans, and, I think, macadamia nuts (they might be salted, though) in the bulk section. I would also check the "organics" and baking fixings aisles for larger bags of brazil nuts and pecans, etc.

          1. I've seen soy nuts at Save On and Superstore as well.