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Jul 25, 2009 07:07 PM

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

We live in Huntington (on the Suffolk/ Nassau border) and are just having the hardest time finding a takeout Chinese restaurant that is relatively clean.

Every time we go to a new place, something else happens:
one place the children are cleaning snap peas at a table and dropping them on the floor, spitting, etc. and then throwing the food back in the pile.

another place, we found steel wool fiber in the food.

Anyone have any ideas? We will travel...

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  1. In Oyster Bay there is place in the small strip shopping center behind the Hess Gas station called China Gourmet.

    I've have a thing in my heart for takeout Chinese my entire life, i know its not authentic, i know the quality of ingrediants aren't as high as a real chinese restaurant, but i've always enjoyed it. I mean, its not like going to flushing and getting a high quality meal that is somewhat authentic. But I love it!

    I've eaten at probably 40-50 different take out chinese place is my life, between growing up in queens and where i went to college and at different places i have lived and worked in Long Island, and would be comfortable saying that China Gourmet may be the absolute best I've ever been too. I've might have had some better dishes at other restaurants, but across the board almost everything I have had has been terrific. All the regular stir fry's, their fried rice, lo meins, their hot & sour and wonton soup are all wonderful. The Kung Pao, Black bean, Garlic Sauce, twice cooked pork, szezchuan shredded meat, general tso's dishes are all top notch. I love their chow fun, this wide noodle dish is fantastic, and they will make it szezchuan style if you like it spicy. Also something really good off the chef's specialties is a whole deep fried marinated duck. I don't think they always have this last dish in stock though. I am going to miss this place when i leave oyster bay. The one thing i've eaten there that I do not like is the Honey Chicken, had it like 2 years ago so I can't remember what i didn't like about it, but did not enjoy that dish at all.

    For absolute best quality, I think you need the father to cook it. I beleive its a family operation, a father, wife and daughter, and when the father cooks its wonderful, when the wife cooks its just very good.

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    1. re: jpf1980

      I agree. As a foodie, I shouldn't say it, but I love takeout too.
      However, is this place ^clean^?

      I've had it with filthy chinese joints.

      1. re: antipode12

        there is nothing that has ever made be believe that the place is dirty. I've been in Oyster Bay for 3+ years and there has never been anything that makes me believe that the place is dirty or that the meat or produce isn't fresh.

    2. Try Jani's, in the shopping center next to Walt Whitman mall. Its a (relatively) upscale Chinese restaurant, with a large sit down area, and take out service as well.

      Looks clean as a whistle to me - never had a problem with food contamination either.

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      1. re: dtolman

        Isn't Jani a little out of the "takeout" category? Are their dishes expensive?

        1. re: antipode12

          A little, which would be fine if the food weren't so mediocre.

          1. re: mcf

            Their dishes vary in quality - the Empress Chicken for example, is usually excellent. But the prices for run of the mill dishes is way out of line with the quality of the dish you get (about equal to any takeout place).

          2. re: antipode12

            He asked for clean... its the cleanest chinese place I know of with a takeout menu.

        2. I once found a huge 4 inch nut and bolt inside my deep fried egg roll takeout. When I complained to the owner, he offered to "give one free" to get rid of me.

          This was at a place in Wantagh which closed a while back. Now it may be a hardware store for all I know...

          1. Unfortunately most of the take out places seem to be run by families that produce mediocre food at best with tasteless and greasy food the norm. In Nassau we go to the Orient and Fortune Wheel for takeout where the quality and taste of the food is consistent and even on a rare bad day still above average. And you don't have to put up with the crowds clamoring to be seated. If there's a rule it's that there is no substitute for a "real" restaurant and that being of a particular nationality does not guarantee or automaticaly endow one with an abiity to cook. Yes I know that there are exceptions and they are just that - exceptions meaning not the norm. And yes I have tried many Chinese takeout restaurants throughout Nassau County and have yet to find one that I would recommend other than these two. And I guess it's no accident that these happen to also be the best Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown. If you have to ask who's cooking your meal its not a place that I would frequent or recommend.

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            1. re: chumly


              Those are the two best Chinese restaurants on LI. I have not found one that is even a close third.


              1. re: Fred19

                I have a question about the orient, "ve gone for dim sum several times and love it.. But when I want to get take out, looking at the take out menu, it looks like a plain old chinese place. Is there some other menu I should ask for?

                1. re: Fred19

                  Fortune Asian Bistro, across from the Source Mall in Carle Place is as good or better than The Orient or Fortune Wheel. Awesome Peking Duck.

                2. re: chumly

                  Thanks for the tip on Jani.

                  I will have to take a trip to Orient or Fortune Wheel soon.

                  However, while I certainly am interested in ^good^ food, there's a part of me that loves that "greasy" takeout food.

                  All I'm asking is that I do not find steel wool or nuts and bolts in it. (Not to mention the other things I can't even think about. My pest control guy says -- from experience -- to stay far away from Chinese places.)

                3. If you're willing to travel a bit farther, then another place that might be worth checking out is Precious Chinese in East Northport (Larkfield Rd). I've gone there a few times in the past few months, and so far the food has been good - plus they had a few items I haven't seen in other places (Bannana Chicken - good!).

                  Just to give some context, there used to be an excellent Chinese restaurant in Huntington, Imperial Hunan, which is now closed - after trying out a bunch in the area, this has been the best I've found.