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The Greatest Dinner of All

We once crossed an ocean for dinner to visit El Bulli in Spain. Another time we crossed the same ocean for dinner at the three Michelin star Le Calandre in northern Italy. Last night, stuck on the Washington beltway we exited at an off ramp and found ourselves staring at a Krispy Kreme. A Krispy Kreme whose "Hot" neon light was on, a Krispy Kreme that had a special on a dozen honey dipped "hot" donuts. Thirteen for the price of twelve. And, we were hungry.

Curiously, on a similar evening a year ago, we were stuck on another highway, this time in Southern California and again exited to find ourselves at an In-n-Out Burger. As yesterday we forgave dinner to celebrate with several Double Doubles and fries Animal style. No, we didn't have Caymus Special Select nor Dal Forno nor Chateaux Margaux. Rather we had a "Neopolitan shake." I'd even asked for extra cheese and extra grilled onions and "spread" to dredge my french fries through in the cardboard container.

Last night we ate all thirteen hot Krispy Kremes. At one sitting. A year ago we ate every fry, every onion, every driblet of "spread" from the Double Doubles. We slurped the shakes as best we could.

While sitting in our car on the side of the highway in Alexandria, Virginia last night we reached a decision. Having crossed oceans, having built vacations around a particularly exquisite meal, having built a house around a wine cellar, in truth, the greatest, most satisfyingly delicious dinner of all would be where we could find a Krispy Kreme across the street from an In-n-Out Burger.

We will move there.

Joe H.

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  1. this is an absolutely *classic* post. i burst out laughing so loudly at the last line that my house guest came running in from the other room to find out what was so funny. of course since he's not a CHer, i'm not sure he truly appreciates the beauty of it.

    anyway, thank you for posting this...and if i ever discover an intersection that houses both a Krispy Kreme and an In-N-Out, i promise to let you know immediately ;)

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      Thank you for the very nice words, goodhealthgourmet-they are much appreciated. As it happens I've found that the wax paper that the 13 Krispy Kremes were on has an excess of frosting left on it. I currently have a spoon and am seeking to "clean" this paper as best I can...

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        next time you go to In n Out- just order the fries 'animal style' that way you get the spread, cheese and grilled onions on top of the fries...i usually get them well done so they are extra crispy. Yum!

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        Totally classic story! I love it. KK's "hot" neon light and the site of those babies making their way down the conveyor belt do it for me every time--although I can't say that I've eaten a dozen in one sitting... yet. Kudos to you, Joe H. :)

      3. Chico, CA. In-n-Out, Krispy Kreme right next to each other. Haven't lived there in awhile, so before you move you'll have to make sure the KK is still open. Best of luck!

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          i just did a quick Google, and unfortunately for Joe H, that KK is closed. the search continues...

        2. Mt View California, in the same lot (last time I was there) as Costco is an In N Out and KK (about a 2 minute walk).

          1. We used to have that arrangement here in Bakersfield, Krispy Kreme on one end of parking lot and an In-N- Out at the other end. At last no more dognuts, just In-N-Out.


            1. Union Landing in Union City CA has ( or at least, had...) Both an In N' out and a KK. On Hwy 880 between Oakland & San Jose. adam

              1. There is very sweet serendipity around here in AZ... In several locations, Chik-Fil-A has opened up right next door to In-N-Out. There's one very lucky parking lot with an In-N-Out and a Trader Joe's adjacent to each other. There is temptation to just move to the parking lot as long as TJ's doesn't mind me using the microwave in the break room.

                1. Nah, you wouldn't want that. You would be very fat.

                  1. I believe that you have hit upon what I like to call "the meaning of life". I discovered it in nearly the same way. In fact, I did indeed make my discovery in a place -- a magical, ethereal place -- where both an In-n-Out and Krispy Kreme exist (nearly) side by side in a kind of spiritual harmony.

                    My story of revelation: on a trip to the San Francisco area several years ago, we had one of those travel days where everything goes wrong. Our list of "foodie approved" SF restaurants was one story of bad luck after another -- full up, closed, and yes, even burned down (which we discovered after walking 20 minutes through some of the seedier parts of the Mission district). Tail between our leg (and stomachs growling) we retreated back toward our hotel out in suburban Daly City.

                    And there, just off the interstate exit, shone an In-n-Out beacon. Beside it -- Krispy Kreme. We already knew the glory of hot KK's. We (east coasters) had long read about but had not yet had been able to try the famed In-n-Out. And here, both in one night!

                    First we gobbled up our double doubles, animal style of course. Awesome. Glorious. Out in the parking lot, the HOT light blazed on the Krispy Kreme. A friendly server was handing out free hot KK's while we waited in line.

                    I no longer remember how many we ate. All I remember is waking up the next day wondering if it all was a dream (the scale said no).

                    Anyway, if you do the right thing and plan your future travels (or move your home) to where In-n-Out and Krispy Kreme do indeed live side by side, there is Daly City, CA. In fact, here is the Google map:


                    (If you putz around in the street view you can nearly make out both buildings at opposite ends of the parking lot)

                    1. Great post. Might I also suggest that finding a Gold's Gym in the same strip mall might come in handy.

                      1. I used to go to the original Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem. (Which they tore down to build a new one.) Used to drool at the window. But in NC, it's BBQ and doughnuts, not burgers.

                        1. I just was reading through this, and though it was so funny! Great post :D

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                            Thanks, milkyway4679! Much appreciated.

                          2. The first time I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts (hot) I remember DS telling me, "don't get sick, Mom"

                            ; = O

                            1. I remember going to the old Rt 1 KK when I was about a knee high with my dad. I miss the old place. The new one is nice but doesn't have the history.