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Jul 25, 2009 04:12 PM

Lulu's Cupcakes - Scottsdale


I've never really been on the commercial cupcake bandwagon but my husband does know i have a really big soft spot for the pink champagne cupcakes at Barb's(and am developing a soft spot for the new lemon raspberry flavor they talked me into trying last time I was there).

He took a few knives up to be sharpened at the Phoenix Knife House while I was at work today and spied Lulu's in the plaza. We'd just taken some Barb's cupcakes to my mom so I guess cupcakes were fresh on his brain.

He came home with a lemon and a German Chocolate cake cupcake. UGH. Terrible. The cake had a horrible texture - mush and gummy yet simulataneously dry. Do they freeze these things? The frosting was that gritty, sugary overly sweet stuff so common in commercial baking. Both ended up in the trash after we tasted them.

$3.25 a piece. Overpriced and underwhelming.

I"m sticking to Barb's for my cupcake fix.

Barb's Bakery
2929 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ

Lulu's Cupcakes
7607 E Mcdowell Rd # 108, Scottsdale, AZ

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  1. I love pink champagne cake! Thanks for the Barb's rec, I have not known where to find it, and my home baked attempts haven't gone well.

    p.s. I don't get the cupcake thing either.

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    1. re: yamalam

      Stopped by Barb's yesterday and they were OUT of pink champagne cupcakes. I did try the lemon raspberry instead, adn they were pretty good.

      1. re: yamalam

        I;ve learned to either go by early in the day or call ahead. That's how I ended up trying the lemon raspberry last time I was in. They only had a couple pink champagne ones left when I got there and I needed 6.It was 2:30 and I hadn't called ahead. Oops. I also picked up some carrot cake ones that visit which were OK but not something I'd crave.

        I just love the pink champagne ones. With the custard filling, the moist cake and the not overly sweet buttercream it's a great combination. I'm not a cake fiend or a cupcake fiend but really love these!

    2. I wasn't impressed with this place either. If I'm going to spend a million dollars on a cupcake, I go to Sprinkles. Those cupcakes are delicious (peanut butter chocolate is my fave).

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      1. re: coastalgypsy

        Sprinkles... Ugh. I bought a dozen for a party once. When I got to the party, I pulled them out of the box and there were 12 dark circles where the butter soaked through the cupcake liners and into the box. I'm pretty sure that Sprinkles cupcakes are as close to pure butter and sugar as they can get, with just enough flour to keep them from melting into puddles of goo in the oven.

        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          I'm with you. I just don't get Sprinkles. My SO will beg to differ, and regularly says they are "the bomb", and "worth the calories". I think they are fine, but not worth going crazy for (or paying $3 + per cupcake).

          I think I am happier buying pastries from independent bakeries that offer a selection of baked goods (maybe some cookies, some cakes, etc). Wicked Bakery comes to mind (but they are out of business).

          1. re: Booger

            For me, it's just too drop-dead easy to *make* cupcakes at home. Just give them a double dose of frosting, and you have at least a dozen cupcakes for about as much as Sprinkles charges for two.

        2. re: coastalgypsy

          Tammie Coe's have really been the only worthwhile (not homemade) cupcakes I've tried. I'm FAR from a cupcake connoisseur or fanatic--rarely ever have one--but the Tammie Coe varieties I've tried have all been excellent.

          I've given Sprinkles a shot twice (guess I'm more susceptible to hype than I thought), and haven't been too thrilled. Horrible? No, but I wouldn't seek them out. Bland--and, at times, oddly crumbly--cake, insanely sweet frosting, and too much of it. I'm not sure what the philosophy behind cupcakes is, but at Sprinkles it seems like they use the cake as a minor means of transporting a gigantic cap of frosting to your thanks.

        3. I am a fan of tammie coes ooey gooey, I have been told mine are better :) but i disagree...

          1. The original comment has been removed