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Jul 25, 2009 03:33 PM

Thursday dinner for 5 near Wall St.

A thursday night. At least one is a vegetarian. Casual, don't want to break the bank (entrees <$25). Staying near Federal Reserve and would like to walk.

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  1. Acqua, on, I think, South Street has received some positive comments from a few on this board. Adrienne's for pizza or Mad Dog & Beans for Mexican are both on Stone Street and fine. Harry's Italian on Gold Street has plenty in your price range, and a lot of pastas that would be fine for your vegetarian friend. Under *no circumstances* should you go to The Libertine.

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      Just found one of the threads where they're talking about Acqua and other Seaport area restaurants:

      1. Bridge Cafe - not too expensive, historic and interesting.

        1. I can wholeheartedly second Acqua.
          I have had a few amazing meals here. the first time I went with a large party and we were able to share loads of apps - honestly they were all delicious, and their pasta dishes are outstanding.
          For more of my comments about Acqua - see a recet post -

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            Another for Acqua (mostly organic, simple Italian fare). They have a sidewalk cafe if the weather is nice.

            Table Tales Cafe (American - check out their 3 course prix fixe) or Onda (Latin). If you want to walk over to TriBeCa Duane Park (American)is a good option. I believe all these should meet your under $25 requirement.

          2. Try Les Halles on John Street.