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Jul 25, 2009 02:29 PM

Baseball Games - Meal Ideas

The baseball season is just past the half way point and we have sampled all the vendors at Dodgers Stadium with comments like "too salty, too greasy, 'plastic' cheese, etc." It's now time to bring food into the stadium for dinner on weeknights and weekends. Would you be so kind as to help with ideas beyond, sandwiches and salads?

We love foods from all cultures and tonight's dinner is a chicken pasta with green & red peppers and fresh trimmed strawberries accompanied by bottles of chilled water.

Thank you for your time, talent and energies in helping us keep our meals healthy and exciting.

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  1. Here's a couple of suggestions. I like bringing sammys. They're always the easiest to handle on the lap. Portos has great salads too! and

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    1. re: Kitchen Queen

      Kitchen Queen, thank you for Philippes suggestion and Porto's sounds heavenly. What recommendation do you have for salads and sandwiches?

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        Pazazzi - These are the salad and sammy suggestions. Phillipes is known for their french dips. I just go for the turkey dry - And, at Porto's, with the gazilion threads on this place, you can't go wrong with any of their products. sammys of all kinds, salads, empanadas, sweets. They have it all! My husband LOVES Porto's pastrami. I love their caprese sammy and their vege salads accomp. w/ a couple of their chicken empanadas and ALL tehir treats. Try the masareal, a newton type cookie filled with guava paste.

    2. Get bento boxes from Mako

      PIcnic basket from Beverly Hills Cheese Shop

      Clementine could put together a nice meal for you

      Maybe Thai food? Jitlada? Too greasy and smelly? other threads for Hollywood Bowl suggestions...

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        Thank you, Emme, for the bento box idea! It opens a whole new arena and we thoroughly enjoy Japanese food.

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          Bento boxes are a standard for Japanese baseball fans - they'd feel right at home in the stadium, like they were watching the Hiroshima Carps sockin' it to the Seibu Lions!

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          Yup! Second... second... second... ;) Just about anything you'd take to the hollywood bowl sans the wine... :) Also no coolers and it's best if you repackage the stuff so it can fit in a small tote or backpack (the rules state no bag bigger than 14 by 14)

          And save some room for the Carnation Malt... the ONLY thing edible at Dodgers Staduim IMHO...


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            My family would totally agree with you on the Carnation Malts!! Nothing is tastier on a hot afternoon than the wooden spoon into a firm malt.

            Thank you for your reminder of the container size which will speed us through the inspection sites..

        3. Some options, all within and around the stadium ...

          - Dim sum at Yum Cha Cafe in Chinatown

          - Papusas from Salvi at the Grand Central Market

          - Pizza from anyone of these places in downtown, Pitfire, Pizza Next Door, and Two Boots

          - Takeout from Chichen Itza (get the Cochinita Pibil)

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            Pizza, ipsedixit is a terrific idea!!

            Never enven considered them to go.
            Your Dim Sum recommendation is a winner with my son and daughter - it's on the list for a Saturday game.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Not mentioned but we've had great success with...

              Zankou Chicken (Just bring lots of Napkins)
              Bahn Mi
              Burritos of every stripe
              3 Salad Combos from Joans and M. de Chaya...
              Pie from Al Gelato to eat on the field during the fireworks...

              Bringing in Food to the Dodger game is one life's greatest liberties (believe me, it's not terribly common in other ball parks) and to me makes going to the game even that much better as people often stop and ask us "Oooo!!! Where did you get that!!"


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                The pie idea is "sweet." We've never taken dessert but I think it's a great beginning to the second half of the season. Thank you!

                1. re: Pazazzi

                  Yeah... Al Gelato has these HUGE pie slices that hold their shape nicely are great to share back and forth. Don't try to bring in a whole pie... cutting that sucker would be a PITA! ;)