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Jul 25, 2009 01:29 PM

Best Italian in DC/NoVA

I have to entertain some very good friends who have helped me out over the years and would like to take them to something like Komi. However, since the wife doesn't eat fish, and they like Italian, I am requesting your suggestions on the best Italian place in DC/NoVA area to take these good folks out. If you know of an Italian place that is on the level of Komi or Minibar, I would very much appreciate your recommendations.


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  1. check out obelisk and teatro goldoni's chef's table.

      1. Filomenas beats every place - no question about it.

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        1. re: me0910

          Food is decent but service very lacking. If this restaurant is chosen try to not get frustrated and expect a long stay.

          1. re: me0910

            Gummy pasta served with thick sauces. At least the portions are large.

          2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Tosca. Both the food and decor are elegant and refined. However, I'd put the inventiveness of Komi and Minibar in a separate category of invention compared to Tosca.

            On the basis of creativity, go with the chef's table at Teatro Goldoni. For a dining experience that is the culinary equivalent of an Armani piece of clothing, go to Ristorante Tosca.

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              I thought Tosca was great, nice quiet atmosphere and good service.

            2. Hate to add to the chorus, but....Obelisk. Reserve in advance as the place is very small.

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                I prefer Tosca to Obelisk. Never been to Teatro Goldoni.

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                  How far in advance? I have never been to Obelisk and was thinking about making a reservation for me and my bf for our anniversary over Labor Day. Good choice?

                  Also I know the meal is pre-fix but how much is it? Anyone been recently with an accurate price?

                  They don't seem to have a website btw. Anyone know about one?