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Jul 25, 2009 01:27 PM

Sushi or Sashimi in Tucson, Az?

Where in Tucson does someone find good Sushi or Sashimi for a moderate price? By moderate price I'm looking for something in the $15 to $30 price range for the main part of the meal (not including drinks, gratuity, etc.).

Is Sushi Matsu ( a good choice?

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  1. Sushi Ten has new owners - again - and now it's back to being as geat as it used to be, if not better!

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    1. re: justjoe

      Thanks! I Sushi Ten used to be a great place but, the "old" new owners consistently got bad reviews. It's good to hear the "new" new owners have brought the standards up. Sushi Ten is certainly in a better location for me.

      1. re: justjoe

        I'll have to let a couple of my friends who live down there know. They were almost despondent when the original owners came up here to Phoenix and opened Sushi Ken.

      2. This is a popular place. I think everyone has their own concept of what good sushi is.