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Jul 25, 2009 12:01 PM

Riva Tonight--Any Must Haves?

Going to Riva tonight with some friends. Any must haves? Are the cocktails good? Thanks! *Edited to add that I see they just changed the menu. Not that excited now*

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    1. If they have the special off Figs, Blue Cheese and Bacon.... get THAT...


      1. We did have the figs and they were really tasty. Overall though, none of us (there were four) were overly impressed and we probably won't be in a rush to go back (though I did like the reasonably priced wine list). The service was somewhat disorganized (took quite a while to get drinks and the food to start coming, we were brought the wrong thing once and one dish was forgotten until we asked for it). I'd say that the highlights were the steak tar tar, the halibut and the figs. Others said the shrimp was good (I can't eat shellfish). In fairness, I'm not a huge fan of small plates (we made this reservation before the menu changed). That said, I do like XIV and I liked Gjelina better than Riva.