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Jul 25, 2009 11:56 AM

best kebab in hell's kitchen?

what do you guys think is the best place to get kebab in hell's kitchen? my thoughts so far:
ariana and afghan -- too dry
gazala place -- amazing for pretty much everything else but no authentic kebab on the menu
bakhara indian on 9th -- delicious and juicy but obviously with strong indian flavors
greek kitchen -- moist and tasty but a bit too much oregano for my taste
thoughts on la kabbr, uncle nicke's azuri, turkish cuisine, stanbul cafe, others?
appreciate the input!

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  1. It seems you have a specific image of kebab and certain flavour to go with it. I have tried kebabs from lots of places around ; and Hell's Kitchen represents many of those:

    Greek style: Ouzeria
    Turkish: Hanci (56th & 10th)
    Mughal: Afghan II
    Offbeat: South African Braai for ostrich
    Iraqi: La kabrr (only kefta kebab)

    Missing ofcourse is galoti-kebab :) For indian style kebab, I'd go to the pakistani place on 37th & 9th, or head to Yuva oh East 50s for their seekh.

    The cities to experience heavenly kebab are Istanbul, New Delhi and London. They bring hundreds of years of outside migrant influences from all the surroundings.

    1. skip uncle nick's unless you want huge orbs of tough meat.

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        thanks a lot for the info! will definitely try hanci and braii as they are a stones throw away.