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Jul 25, 2009 11:32 AM

Detroit Suggestions?

Will be in the Detroit/Rochester Hills/Auburn Hills area for four days beginning next weekend. Plan to go directly to Zingerman's/Ann Arbor from the airport. (Torn between their pastrami and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches - any suggestions?) Looking for good eats for Saturday (lunch), Sunday and Monday. I've heard Slow's is good for BBQ, and am considering Lafayette for Coney Dogs. Any other meal suggestions out there? Our tastes run the spectrum - i.e. "don't miss" local dives to high-end dining - so don't hold back! Thanks.

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  1. Just so you know, Zingermans is no where near the's a good 30 minute ride west, and and about an an hour and a half southwest of your final Auburn Hills/Rochester Hills destination.

    1. Lino's in Rochester is our go-to place for old school Italian - mid-priced. Cozy and lots of food. Also, consider the Rochester Chop House for good fish, steaks and a fun bar. It's right in town and lots of the cute shops are open late on weekends. Bistro Bordeau, in Auburn Hills, serves up comfortable American/Euro food with excellent service. Red Knapp's, in Oxford - north of Rochester, has fabulous home-made hamburgers with great buns and huge pizzas. They also have a quaint patio which serves very tall cold beer. Welcome to the Northcountry!

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        Red Knapp's Dairy Bar in downtown Rochester has the same hamburgers as the one in Oxford, plus great milkshakes. And Lipuma's, also on Main St in Rochester, has really good coneys if not the same reputation/atmosphere of the Lafayette downtown.

      2. If you are staying in the Auburn Hills/Rochester area then you won't be far from Recipes, in Troy, on Crooks just south of Big Beaver...great breakfast and lunch...not just bacon and eggs.
        Toast in Birmingham on Pierce St. has a great menu, it's a little eclectic and has great salads and the best huevos rancheros in the suburbs. Their original location is on Woodward, north of 9 mile, in Ferndale...that location has more character. If you end up in Ferndale, you have to try the Fly Trap, also on Woodward, this place was on Diners and Dives on the Food Network. Supposedly their Red Velvet Corned Beef Hash is the best, but I have not tired it.

        1. Mon Jin Lau 15 mile & Stephenson Troy - Great Asian cuisine, Exceptional well-priced wine list. This is good for lunch or dinner.
          For lunch in Rochester - 2 Sisters (or maybe 3 Sisters) for home made Polish. This is right on Main Street.
          If you want a steakhouse, head to Big Beaver Rd in Troy for (in order) - Capital Grille, Morton's, Shula's, or Ruth's - or in Auburn Hills there is Lelli's (on Opdyke & Featherstone.
          Just north of Pontiac is King's Brewery - everything is home made here, including the beer - I believe they might be closed for good (either this week or next wee) by the time you get here, so call ahead.

          1. I'm not very familiar with Rochester/Auburn Hills, but if you go to Lafayette, do so at 2 am and try to drink as much as possible beforehand.

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                "if you go to Lafayette, do so at 2 am and try to drink as much as possible beforehand"

                umm yea. Great idea. Drink as much as you can then drive from Rochester to Detroit. I hope neither one of you are on the road when I'm coming home. IMO those who "drink as much as possible" and drive should be boiled in hot oil along with pedophiles.

                1. re: Fritter

                  Pssst....that is why you have a designated driver!

                  1. re: JanPrimus

                    I don't need to be drunk to enjoy Lafayette. ;-D

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                      No one does I hope...but it is one of those after hours places that so many of us have visited after clubs, shows or sporting events that has a ever so fun crowd to watch and be part of at later hours. I completely agree with you about the drunk driving and not needing to be no reason for us to get feisty! :)

                      Don't make me go off and buy you a half dozen coney's, frys and a coke.

                      1. re: JanPrimus

                        LOL ok ok.
                        Hey I'm not against having a good time and a few cold libations. Especially as you suggest with a designated driver. Solid advice there!
                        I just don't agree with the drink as much as possible bit.
                        Now I have heart burn just thinking about six coneys!
                        Have you been to Motor City Beer? I'm anxious to give it a try.

                        1. re: Fritter

                          I have...but it seemed to be one of those breweries that plays its beer selections very safe. Too many breweries have that same old menu....Pale Ale, Red, Light, Stout Porter and normal old lager. I have never found much character in the beers available from them. I am sure there will be people to disagree with me...

                          I think the state has much better breweries to offer....sadly none in the 313.

                          FWIW I agree drinking as much as possible maybe a bad idea any time of the year. My two goals in life are to be on as few list as possible and not to become a story. Drinking that much is a sure way to get on a list quick and become a story. I also should say I have a 4 coney limit.

                  2. re: Fritter

                    The "boiled in hot oil" line is...uh...INTERESTING coming from someone named Fritter. But i agree that being drunk isn't a prerequisite for enjoying Lafayette.

                    1. re: mrfinewine

                      I'm glad some one got the irony.