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Jul 25, 2009 10:40 AM

restaurant over looking the water in fairfield county

any good restaurants that have a water view in fairfield county? Doesnt matter what type of food, as long as it has a good water view

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  1. there is Splash in Westport - very good pan asian food. fabulous calamari salad.
    not sure if rowaytan seafood is on the water or close to it - delicious food
    there's also a high end restaurant in norwalk that overlooks the water that everyone loves but i had a horrible meal there

    1. jfood's choices:

      rowayton seafood, l'escale and splash; then harbor lights then sunset grille
      then sono seafood

      Another consideration is FISH in Portchester

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        i second rowayton seafood. very good with nice views.
        the market also has a take out window and you can sit on picnic tables overlooking the sound.

      2. It's not high end, nor gourmet, but for a burger, drink and a view it's pretty acceptable. Just stay away from the regular entrees. Paradise Bar and Grille, on the Stamford Waterfront. For a better (and more expensive) experience, L'Escale in Greenwich is excellent.

        Schoolhouse at Cannondale is top drawer in every way, although the waterfront is the Norwalk River, not the LI Sound. But the place is wonderful, and there are tables right on the river.