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Jul 25, 2009 10:23 AM

Eats near the Sox game

My SO and I are going to the Sox Yankees next weekend with another couple. We're staying in LaGrange and they're staying downtown. We're looking for some places for beer and lunch to meet up at near the game. We'll drive, they might take the El. Kicker is they're Yankee fan (don't know why I associate with them :)), so I want a place that is friendly to all fans. TIA for any advice.

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  1. I hope it's not the fact that I mentioned the damn Yankees that nobodies replied! If that's the case my SO is a life long White Sox fan and we all love the game.

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      to be honest i don't know if there's anything good around there other than neighborhood hot dog stands. i've only been to the one sox game (also against the yankees), and that time we ate in chinatown and took the red line to the game (it's only one stop away). chinatown is a bit easier to park than around us cellular field.

    2. Cobblestones has beer and sandwiches, and if you spend $20 you can park in their parking lot for free during the game. (I don't think they enforce the $20 limit, but with four it doesn't matter.) A muffaletta is enough food for two people. The best deal around (you save $20+ on parking), although you won't post pictures here about the food. Their parking lot will fill up for a Yankee's game; not an issue if you get there an hour before the game.

      514 W Pershing Rd
      Chicago, IL 60609-2739
      (773) 624-3630

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        Thanks, thats the kind of thing I'm looking for.