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Jul 25, 2009 10:20 AM

Weekend in Philadelphia

Hello everyone,

My girlfriend and I will be spending a weekend in Philadelphia towards the end of August and we were wondering what food we shouldn't miss out on.

We already decided on Ethiopian at Almaz Cafe for dinner.

We need ideas for:
1) Dinner under 40$ per person (Food over setting)
2) Cheesesteak, not Pat's or Geno's.
3) One lunch, anything goes. (Any famous food stalls?)
4) Light breakfast: bagels, croissants, crepes, ...

We will be staying near City Hall.
No chains.
Girlfriend is allergic to alcohol.
We're used to the Montreal and New York food scene so anything we can't get over there is a plus.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. For "one lunch, anything goes" go to The Reading Terminal Market. It is right near where you are staying on 12th and Filbert. Not just one famous food stall, but many. For something you can't really get in NY or Montreal, go to DiNic's and get a roast pork sandwich. If not that, there are tons of great choices in there.

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      I second Reading Terminal Market -- I think it really is one of the world's great city markets and the Amish people make it more unique. If you really want to sample something you don't normally get in NY or Montreal, you can eat at the Amish lunch counter and get some scrapple. I'm not saying it's good...but it is a truly local food.

      I'm not a local (only been here 20 years) and not a big fan of cheesesteaks, but Pat's and Gino's are as good as any and are the real Philly deal in terms of "atmosphere."

      Kanella, a newish Greek restaurant has breakfast and is reported to be quite good.

      1. re: naneharvey

        I second the roast pork at DiNic's for lunch and Reading Terminal Market in general. I was not enthralled by Almaz Cafe if you must know...

    2. For dinner under $40 check out Chinatown.

      1. Lots of good choices for dinner under $40, especially if alcohol is not an issue.

        Philly's BYOB scene is quite unique and there are a good number where you can get out for under $40 a person, say with 2 entrees, 1-2 apps, and maybe a shared dessert. And you're right near Chinatown that has some great and unique places like Rangoon.

        Ditto everyone else's rec for Reading Terminal.

        1. Modo Mio for a very good dinner under $40 (but reserve soon). Near 2nd and Girard.