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Fries in Montreal

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Where do you go for the best fries in Montreal? In the past on this Montreal board, people have asked for fish & chips suggestions, but I don't think specifically for fries.

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  1. I've always liked the fries at La Paryse

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      1. re: eat2much

        Agreed, but not as great as the ones at Patati Patata!

        1. re: passthatversace

          Patati Patata is closed until August something for vacation... saw a sign on the window today :o

          1. re: afoodyear

            yes, i learned that the hard way two days ago, when i made the trek up st. laurent blvd only to find out it was closed :(

        2. re: eat2much

          Definitely, they are so addictive!

        3. re: bomobob

          I was actually really, REALLY dissappointed in the fries at La Paryse. Yummy burger but the fries were subpar imo.

          I love the mcKibbins fries. A classic with mayo. Might want to check Ne Brasa while you're there.

          1. I think it all depends on your definition of the perfect fry. Mine is double-fried, very crispy on the outside and very fluffy on the inside. No batter, no seasoning except for salt. Not easy to find. I seem to remember the fries at L'Express being pretty good. I know the ones at Leméac are worth a try. I have an idealised memory of the fries at Lux. I remember them as being perfect, but I don't know if that's just me being nostalgic.

            I also have a soft spot for brown, greasy and sweet fries, because that's what I grew up eating. There are a number of places that do those well.

            I will however go out on a limb and say that I don't particularly like the fries at APDC. They seem to be a compromise between the Quebecois and Belgian styles and that just doesn't do it for me. In fact I don't really like anything deep-fryed at APDC because it always tastes greasy and/or burnt.

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              Just the mention of Lux brings back fond but fuzzy memories of late night binges of burgers (served with English muffins instead of buns) and delicious fries with mayo on the side. Just what the doctor ordered after bar hopping along Bishop Street and then St-Laurent. Lux was fantastic (or it could have been all the booze).

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                Lux's fries were indeed pretty close to perfect, as I recall! That was our go-to restaurant for many years...it was such a shame when it closed.

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                  I had a love-hate relationship with Lux... as a poor student I was appalled the first time I went and paid close to 5$ for one of their funny burgers.... do remember the fries being quite good and it was always fun to peruse the mags at 4am. I feel they tried too hard to be cool.

                  oops... just noticed how old this thread is... oh well, interesting to think about Lux anyway

                2. re: SnackHappy

                  I was at L'express this past week and yes, the fries are amazing. I had a huge pile on my plate and I swore I would eat only half of them...NOT! I just kept scoffing them until there was nothing left on my plate. A tad shameful since my company were polite ladies that left half their food, indeed!
                  "I also have a soft spot for brown, greasy and sweet fries"
                  In that category, my fave are from La Quebecoise.

                  L'Express Restaurant
                  3927 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2W2M4, CA

                  Québécoise Hot Dog
                  3520 Rue Ontario E, Montreal, QC H1W1R5, CA

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                    L'Express' fries are certainly noteworthy - though I think they should put a note on the menu that they're fried with peanut oil... perhaps I just know too many people with nut allergies that wouldn't think to find it in their frites.

                    1. re: afoodyear

                      never found any good fries in montreal, even the old french frie truck with real potatoes thickly cut provided memorable fries but after a summer in Belgian eating their fresh fries with mayo (potatoes were growing near our apartment in Brussels, I have never seen a potato field in montreal area!) montreal has never come up to mark including Patati Patata. I cannot recall having good real fries here but will keep my eye on this column in case i get a longing for oldfashioned fries.
                      . We in Montreal have put up with mediocre and bland, fake fries for too long, I avoid them here whenever i can, negotiating for baked potato, salad, any substitute!

                      1. re: afoodyear

                        The standard for frites used to always be peanut oil ... anyone with a serious food allergy should always ask.

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                        L'Express fries are thin(just a guess)?

                        1. re: BLM

                          No, regular size I would say:not thin, not thick.

                    2. Noteworthy fries:

                      L'Express - I did not realize they were done in peanut oil. I thought maybe they were fried in duck fat they were so delicious, and had such a depth of flavour. But I love those fries. Too bad they don't do take-out.

                      Sparrow: really yummy fries, with what appears to be house-made mayo. Yum.

                      Schwartzes fries: something about them. They can on good days be sublime. On bad days, they are at least a mandatory item in the smoked meat sandwich meal.

                      Banquise: not bad, not bad. But I usually have them in poutine form, which isn't the same as naked fries.

                      I recently had a bag of the soft sweet Quebec-style fries near the Douglas Hospital in Verdun. I have no idea where they were from, but boy they hit the spot, greasy, salty, mushy, potatoey goodness. Now I don't know how they'd stand up on a regular eating day, but that day they were awesome, and I thought, so that's the appeal.

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                        Add a splash of vinegar to the Quebec style fries and it's pure heaven but like you say, you gotta be in the mood for them.

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                          I detest them. Does nobody like any of the Frite Alors outlets or franchises? I very much enjoyed the crunch frites I treated myself to on my birthday, a couple of months ago. I know Frite Alors places vary greatly in quality - mine were from the little stand at Jean-Talon market.

                          I only allow myself frites a few times a year but will try Patati Patata and Romados, especially since they aren't far away.

                          1. re: lagatta

                            Frite Alors Park Ave has never disappointed with fries. It's our go to place in the neighbourhood. Poutine's great too, if a bit pricey.

                            1. re: lagatta

                              I've had terrible fries at the Frites Alors on St-Denis & in the Old Port. And I mean, terrible.

                              1. re: nonpareils

                                I've never had fries at any other location than Parc Ave, where the only quibble is whether you get a healthy sized serving or a skimpy one.
                                Frites Alors could suffer from being a chain without the same kind of control over food and prep as a traditional chain (ie Golden Starches), so there could be a higher degree of variation between spots. Just my guess.

                        2. Patati Patata for thin fries and Romados for thicker ones. Both equally as good and unsurpassed.

                          1. Decarie Hot Dog fries ;p with salt and vinegar of course...

                            Romados 2nd on my list though.

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                              For cheapie fries I definitely like the Romados ones (they have some sort of yummy seasoning salt on them too). But they're a little on the soggy side. I expect proper frites to be crispy and nice for dipping in mayo.

                              1. re: eoj

                                Romados fries are overrated to me. I heard good about them but they don't even look like real fries to me, they look more like oven baked fries... Not that they are bad, it's just that I don't really consider them fries.

                                1. re: Ghostquatre

                                  they are nothing like oven baked fries. they are often very crispy - maybe they don't stand up to styrofoam but i've always been satisfied with their crispyness. my complaint against them is that they are too salty. i like the seasoning they put toooo much - it's a slap in the face alright

                            2. The frites at Bistro Gourmet are good. Lemeac's were never quite there in my mind... too many tiny pieces. I still haven't found any here to match the scrumptiousness of the ones at Le Select Bistro in Toronto.

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                                Lemeac's frites were better the last time I was there.

                              2. Bistro on the Avenue on Greene. Plus, they serve a garlicky mayo with them.

                                1. Montreal Pool Room for thick-cut & crispy - which is the way fries should be (just revolting when they're limp). Almost as good as Romados.

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                                    I always wonder the last time someone played a game of pool there. Do they still have that one lone pool table in the back?

                                    But the fires are good.

                                  2. Thick-cut fries, fried in duck fat at la Fabrique.

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                                    1. re: jptimbaud

                                      Are there other places that fry in duck fat?

                                      1. re: hungryann

                                        Au Pied de Cochon and Boris Bistro do, too.

                                        1. re: hungryann

                                          There's also the Lac Brome duck place on St-Laurent and Mont-Royalish - they have a little cafe inside and do all sorts of ducky things.

                                      2. Can't say which are best. Haven't tried every place and, besides, it's far too personal a choice. Some people love the Montreal-style soggy fries. For me, a fry's first duty is to be hot, golden, non-greasy and crunchy-crisp with a fluffy-soft centre. Frite Alors! potentially comes closest to meeting that ideal. Potentially because the results vary not only from outlet to outlet but from short order cook to short order cook. But when they're on, man, are they good, a fact that surely has something to do with their being fried in beef tallow. What's more, the house mayo -- garlic and harissa -- is the perfect condiment.

                                        Romados's fries are indeed addictive. As far as matchstick fries go, no one seems to have picked up the ball since the much missed Pique-nique suisse closed, lo these many years ago.

                                        1. No one's mentioned the Suzy Q fries at Mr. Steer. With some vinegar and a sprinkling of that red spice/salt blend...

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                                          1. re: cherylmtl

                                            Mondo Frites...sadly now closed ;-(

                                            1. re: shopgirl

                                              Those were great fries. That tiny front window table was always occupied so I always went takeout.

                                          2. The fries at Pick's are really good.

                                            1. Chalet BBQ fries are amazzzz!

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                                              1. re: jrex

                                                I'm right there with you on that one.

                                              2. My fry ranking:
                                                (1)Chalet BBQ
                                                (3)Snowdon Deli

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                                                  You beat me to it, my number one choice of fries is Snowdon Deli's. They are perfectly crisp on the outside, and soft and sweet inside. You gotta add your own salt, vinegar and ketchup. yum.

                                                2. Frite Alors has a stand at Jean-Talon Market. They are pretty good. They are very crispy on the outside, almost like they have a coating. I really liked the flavoured mayo they came with.

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                                                    Agree with the thumbs-up to the Frite Alors stand at JTM - unfortunately it is closed in the wintertime, as it is outside, and the cooks would freeze. Best frites I've found in the neighbourhood, except at Petit Alep (where one wouldn't typically "go for frites", but they are good).

                                                    I am thinking of writing to the JTM administration about how horribly uncomfortable and inconvenient their picnic tables are - a lot of people (especially older people) can't swing their legs around under the very wide bench - it is a terrible design. Tables like they have in nearby parks - also theft-resistent - are much better for families of various ages.

                                                    That would really improve the grazing experience for visitors, for frites and the many other fine things to eat there.

                                                  2. I like the fries at Paul Patates in the Pointe.

                                                      1. re: nyanko_chan

                                                        they are cavendish farms frozen fries

                                                        1. re: nyanko_chan

                                                          Costco fries are battered/frozen/prefab fries...

                                                          1. re: nyanko_chan

                                                            They are pretty bad fries, I'm surprised they're even mentioned here.

                                                          2. I've tried many places, but by far the best fries is Ma Tante on Fleury St near St Michel. They also serve hotdogs. If you like greasy, yummy fries these are perfect..

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                                                            1. re: carmigirl

                                                              When you crave for a good hot-dog and fries, Ma Tante is the place to go.
                                                              Even if it is close to an hour drive for me, I go there regularly.
                                                              I have not found better hot-dogs anywhere else.
                                                              Be aware that all they serve is fries (may be poutines) and hot-dogs.
                                                              You have to try this place at least once.
                                                              It really looks like it came from an other time...
                                                              Its on Fleury, west of St-Michel.

                                                            2. Decarie Hot Dog all the way!

                                                              Paul's Patates are also good.

                                                              1. Also, not in the trad sense but I really love the crispy round french fries with puffy insides at Villa du Souvlaki with their sweet ketchup packets. Also perfect for stuffing in your pita or mopping up the dripped piles of tzatziki.

                                                                1. I wouldn't imagine I was qualified to respond to this post, having sampled but a few places in Mtl and none of the popular hotspots. However, when Schwarz', Snowdon Deli and Costco get mentioned as favorites, I have to wonder. None of these holds a candle to the frites we ate a few days ago at Café Croissant de Lune. It's not their specialty, but I think as a pub they provide for their customers, IYKWIM. I wrote a fairly longish piece on their crepes recently.

                                                                  Cafe Croissant De Lune (Le)
                                                                  1765 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2X3K4, CA

                                                                  1. Great post BML! I'd like to add by asking if anyone know of a spot here in Montreal that serves up fries like what you would find at a chip truck in Ontario. I have had the hugest craving for last couple weeks.

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                                                                      I'm originally from Ottawa, know exactly what you mean! The closest thing I've found is Romados when they're fresh and crisp - they are thick-cut home fries style. Still nothing like chipwagon fries, though. Chipwagons and the canal - the only things I really miss about O-town.

                                                                    2. Burger de Ville on Westminster in Montreal West. They are also opening a resto on St. Laurent near Fairmont.

                                                                      I am also looking for excellent sweet potato fries. Any ideas?

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                                                                        1. re: williej

                                                                          I think Meat Market mixes sweet potato fries in with regular fries.

                                                                        2. Dare I say that Five Guys has some very decent fresh cut fries cooked in peanut oil.

                                                                          1. If you like greasy, slightly burnt fries, go to Pitarifique on Rachel between St Laurent and Clark. They are kinda like la Belle Province fries, except they aren't as sloppy and actually taste like potato.

                                                                            8 Rue Rachel W, Montreal, QC H2W1G1, CA

                                                                            1. If you don't like soggy burnt brown fries like me, try Pataterie Chez Philippe on Amherst.
                                                                              Jacques makes perfect fries.

                                                                              Burgers are the best too by the way. They freshly ground beef every morning for the patties.

                                                                              1. This might surprise some but I had fantastic fries at Guido & Angelina.

                                                                                Guido & Angelina Restaurant
                                                                                690 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3B1B9, CA

                                                                                1. Where's a establishment that makes great fries with skin on? I haven't tasted a very good one yet. I'm personally not that crazy of the fries(it's with skin on) at Five Guys.

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                                                                                    I had really good fries last night at La Paryse over on Ontario. Actually, I thought the fries were amazing. And they were cut thick and the potato skins were still on some.

                                                                                    1. re: deborahm

                                                                                      Thank you. Been to La Paryse for burgers before, but never thought of also getting their fries.

                                                                                    2. re: BLM

                                                                                      Chalet BBQ in NDG (Sherbrooke at Decarie)!!

                                                                                      1. re: tah1234

                                                                                        ya for real

                                                                                        even a bad meal at chalet bbq is better than at most other places

                                                                                    3. Orange Julep has the best standalone fries in town.. old school brown paper bag style!

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                                                                                      1. re: OliverB

                                                                                        sure if you like your fries raw or overcooked - all in the same bag!