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Jul 25, 2009 09:38 AM

Is that really local? [Moved from Midwest]

What would you do if you spotted a chef buying food at a restaurant supply place? The food that comes from those places is not local or organic and this chef has spent the past couple years pushing for all of us to support his place because it supports small farms. Should he have to tell the customers that night about the food not coming from small farms or even this state. I dont know if its really a big deal but would just like to know what people think.

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  1. of course he should. I think it is a big deal, thats flat out dishonesty.

    1. At least in this area, Sysco trucks deliver local produce to those that order it on the same routes as all the food from South America and beyond. I'm less familiar with the options that chefs have for local pork and beef, but I know that there are larger suppliers that sell both products from a thousand miles away and products from here in Ohio. Besides that, I think a restaurant could supplement food from local purveyors with food from other sources and still honorably claim to source their food locally. And I think that's the case even if some of the center-of-the-plate foods aren't local.

      I don't think that you've given us enough information to suspect anything untoward. If you're concerned, ask. If he's cagey, then that would definitely be a huge red flag.

      1. I agree with Stuart. There are often times I figure a chef has to supplement what he (or she) sources locally with food from Sysco, US Foods, or the like. Not everything is available from local growers. Not sure exactly what this chef was buying, so that may factore into my level of indignance-- buying olive oil, canned beans, oranges, and lemons, would make me less upset than, say, salad greens, broccoli, cauliflower, and beets (stuff I got in this week's Harmonvy Valley CSA).