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Jul 25, 2009 09:24 AM

Portuguese BBQ - Major Mack/Bathurst

Bom Dia Chowhounds

There's a "Portuguese BBQ Coming Soon " sign on new strip plaza under construction on the south side of Major Mack just w. of Bathurst.

Does anyone know who that is?

Thanks in advance and pass the piri piri


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  1. Don't know about that one, but I tried the new Churrasco resto in Oak Ridges in the spot that used to be "Paul's" and it has egg tarts, fish cakes, chicken and potato balls (I found the meat portion small)-Also I had a daily special stew with beans, cabbage, sausage pieces, pork chunks and other parts (everything but the squeal) not sure of the Portuguese name but the food is homestyle and most likely authentic.