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Jul 25, 2009 08:42 AM


About a month ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Since then I've been looking for a sugarless beverage I could drink, (I don't like diet soda.) Odwalla juice is very tasty, (but expensive.) Does anyone know if this would work for a person with diabetes. Also does anyone out there have an idea for a tasty low sugar drink that isn't a diet soda.

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  1. Sorry if this is obvious, but it might just be a case of your tastebuds needing to get used to the taste of water. I know a lot of people who hate the taste of water, but if you're not drinking enough it really is best to get used to it. Add a piece of lemon, lime, cucumber, or even strawberry to a pitcher and see if it helps. You can do the same with club soda.

    If you still need a real sugarless drink, try kombucha. I strongly dislike store bought brands (check the label for sugar content), but if you're interested in starting a homemade version it's much less sour and has a nice fizz to it. It's also sugarless but has a mild sweetness to it.

    Also try the usual teas and coffees you like with all the different fake sugars available now (splenda, stevia, xylitol) and see if there's one you like. But for me, eating things that are sweet just makes me want more sweets. Going cold turkey on sugar for a week or two severely decreases my desire for any sugar overall.

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      I agree with Pei. Try adding citrus to sparkling water. I like adding ginger root too. Water should be your best friend. Fruit juices, including Odwalla, can be very good but they do have the inevitable sugars that come with, well, fruit.

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        We had some last night. The variety we had was two servings (we shared) and has 2 g of sugar.

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          Try crystal light. Fruit juices are not good for diabetics.

        2. Fruit juices are not good for regular consumption for diabetic patients. If your sugars go low, it may be worth a swig or two. Pei is right, get used to water. Hate water? Try adding a piece (just ONE small) piece of fresh fruit just like Pei suggested.

          Be weary of using the artificial sweeteners. It oftentimes will cause you to crave more sweets. And, if you use enough of some of the artificial sweeteners, you'll be..ahem...more regular than usual.

          1. I loathe sweet drinks. I drink a lot of water. As mentioned try adding citrus, melon, cucumber, mint to water and see what you think. I also drink a lot of sparkling water - again add some of the above to try it.

            I also drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea. I mostly make plain black iced tea but will play with some of the herbal ones. I also like to brew peach tea with a bag of vanilla tea in it for a change. Never any sugar or sweetners though.

            Iced coffee isn't bad, though I prefer tea. but if you don't like your coffee unsweetened(i drink mine black) this may not be somethign you like.

            As mentioned it's probably just a matter of adjusting your taste buds which will take time. I've never cared for soda or much juice or any drink that's sweet even as a kid but now as an adult really can't tolerate sweet drinks much at all.

            I'm not a fan of the Torani syrups but they do make some sugar free varities you can add to sparkling water. My mother, who avoids sugar, likes these. She likes the peach and raspberry the best. Be aware this is artificially sweetened however.

              1. The "individual" bottles of Odwalla pure juice contain 2 servings with 12-24 grams of sugar per serving for most varieties....their smoothies are in the range of 30 grams of sugar.