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Jul 25, 2009 08:25 AM

Sno Balls!

Who has the best snow balls in New Orleans, within walking or streetcar distance to the french quarter. Oh, and what is your favorite flavor combo?

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  1. I've never been to a snowball stand near the Quarter, but there probably is one somewhere. I doubt it's as good as the ones elsewhere, though.

    I haven't been to Sno Wizard on Magazine in years, but of the few Uptown I can think of, it's the closest. You can take the streetcar over and walk down to Magazine St., or just take the Magazine bus. Maybe combine a snowball visit with a walk down Magazine.

    Better, but farther from a streetcar, is Hansen's on Tchoupitoulas St. They're the original. Going here is like a time warp.

    And my favorite is Plum Street Snowballs, which is on Plum Street near Riverbend. Take the St. Charles streetcar Uptown, make the turn onto Carrollton, and get off five or six blocks later. It's a schlep for one snowball, though -- maybe you can combine it with Camellia Grill, or if you were going to take the streetcar Uptown anyway, consider it your treat when you get (near) the far end of the line.

    As for flavor combinations, I think there are two major decisions to make: fruit flavors or non-fruit flavors, and cream flavors or regular. Some people like the bright, refreshing taste of the fruit flavors. With those, you can really choose anything -- I tend to couple a tart citrus flavor with a sweet flavor like strawberry because I like the balance. Or you can just get one.

    There are also non-fruit flavors like chocolate, ice cream, amaretto, frozen mint, etc. that turn the snowball into a richer sort of confection. Of course these can be combined with fruit flavors. Chocolate and mint is one of my favs, too.

    And then finally -- especially at Hansen's -- some flavors are offered as "cream" flavors, which means there's cream (or milk) in the syrup itself. These taste more heavy, like a rich dessert, and it really depends on what sort of mood you're in. I personally love them.

    And if you really want to do it like the locals, you'll order a drizzle of condensed milk to top your snowball. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like.

    Hansen's Sno-Blitz
    4801 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA 70115

    Sno Wizard Sno Ball Stand
    4001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

    Plum St. Snoballs
    1300 Burdette Ave, New Orleans, LA

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    1. re: HalfShell

      flavor combos

      1st blackberry and condensed milk

      2nd nectarine or tangerine (some stands have either flavor or both) and condensed milk

      3rd coconut

      Hansen's is the best, hands down, but along with being known as the "best" also comes the loooooooooong lines

      Plum street sno balls are great

      Went to Pandora's on Carrollton last weekend and the ice was very clumpy and didn't melt easily

      Favorite sno ball stand in Metairie is Casey's, 4608 W. Esplanade

      Favorite sno ball stand in Kenner is Sunny's, 3437 Florida Ave

      1. re: HalfShell

        Flavors: black cherry (or wild cherry) for me above all--good and tart.

        But also, paradoxically, spearmint, --my favorite flavor of my youth.

        Also mandarin or tangerine, stuff like that--fruit flavors. I never could take chocolate or anything along thoselines, and don't favor putting cream on the snowball. But if you can't get a flavor combo to please you at the Plum street stand, then you are truly beyond hope.

      2. Hansen's has a satsuma flavor which is a sweet-tart revelation on a hot day. I also love half cream of chocolate, half cream of almond, but that's much heavier than the satsuma (or other citrus) flavor, so it depends on your mood.

        1. Plum Street is listed as a food provider during Satchmo Fest at the Old Mint.

          1. I would not recommend Hansen's. We waited in line there for like an hour and it wasn't even that great. Definitely Plum St. Uptown or Casey's in Metairie. As for flavors, you'll have to try them out to see what you like. Everyone likes em different. I like it either half chocolate half coconut or nectar cream. Orchid cream vanilla's not bad either.

            1. Hansen's is the hands down winner for best sno-ball because the ice is infinitely better than everyone else's. It's like eating frozen clouds. I like tart flavors like limeade and the new satsuma.

              Plum Street is good too though.