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Jul 25, 2009 07:58 AM

Blue Star Range

Does anybody own a Blue Star range that comes with a 22,000 BTU burner? I am planning to get one for my apartment in Manhattan but I would have to sacrifice cabinet space if I need to install a hood. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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  1. Curious -- what do you plan to do for ventilation instead of a hood?

    1. I have a 30" Blue Star with 3 22,000 BTU burners. I love it. I have a 700 CFM hood above it. I think the hood is a necessity, since the stove creates a lot of heat.

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      1. re: Michael Rodriguez

        How did you pull that off? My impression is that the standard 30-inch has 2 of the SuperNova burners (22k BTU). I also thought that it was OK to reduce the total BTU count (replace a 22k BTU with a 16k BTU) but not to increase it, based on the UL listing.

        I wouldn't put one in without a hood. The coolest use for the big burner is by pulling off the grate and dropping a wok right into the burner bowl. But I'd never do that without serious ventilation above.

        1. re: Michael Rodriguez

          I'm interested in Blue Star. Have you had ANY problems starting day one?
          A) Delivery
          B) Service, parts, labor or warantees
          C) Performance

          I am interested in a 48" propane range. We have a large family, 7 kids, so 9 for dinner at least 4 nights per week. I cook and love doing it but I am completely disgusted with the latest programmed, electronic, "I'm going to think for you and cook for you, stick in the probe, I'll decide when your food is ready" versions being manufactured by so many of the 'big' names.

          In short, I want something that works! I want well engineered, insulated and heat consistent ovens, burners that respond quickly to manual control, and overall a well engineered product, built to last, by a manufacturer who attributes some degree of intelligence/ creativity to the cook.

          Could Blue Star meet my 'outrageous' demands?

          1. re: Writeher

            What a perfect situation for a 48" Blue Star. Dinner for nine? Maybe you'll use two of the 22K Btu, one 15K and the simmer top. Buy a real round-bottom wok, too. You will also need to buy a battery powered timer since Blue Star doesn't have one.
            We've had our 36" Blue Star for nearly two years now and love it. See photo.

            1. re: GeezerGourmet

              GeezerGourmet, What a wonderful endorsement. Thank you for the photo too. Your range is beautiful. I AM going to contact Blue Star.

              The timer ... not a problem, but thank you for mentioning it. The little details are important and often overlooked when considering all the other options.

              Do you have any recommendations regarding the range hood?

            2. re: Writeher

              Love my Bluestar! Got white glove installation so no problems there - this thing works like a charm. I have had it for over a year and no service issues, just insanely good cooking. Incredible range of temperatures, I especially love the Supernova burners (22K BTU) when you drop a wok on. You will never think about vegetables the same way!

              1. re: Writeher

                Best stove ever.
                Not ONE problem since day one.
                A hood is a must if you go with the 22,000 btu which is INCREDIBLE for Wok cooking.

                1. re: ohanafrey


                  for the oven, does it use electric or gas? i wanted to get bluestar, however, i might have a problem with the oven if its electric. thanks in advance!

                    1. re: ted

                      Do you have any trouble with the range getting to hot to the touch on the outside?

                      I saw a video on You Tube someone posted and said the oven gets too hot to the touch on the outside. This is a scary thought.

                      I just ordered one yesterday in a 30" RCS. Did I make a mistake?

            3. I've had my BS 48" top (no ovens) for almost a year. I love it. Pretty basic, no problems. I have 6 burners and a griddle, I sometimes debate if I would have used the grill more or not. I have a 1400CFM independent hood.

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              1. re: jeffreyem

                Jeffreyem: "No Problems" exactly what I hoped to hear! Basic is my preferrance. How would you rate your choice of range hood. Do you have any recommendations?

                1. re: Writeher


                  Very nice hood, I ordered directly from Independent, link above.

                  1. re: Writeher

                    My husband and I own a Vent-a-Hood they are easy to clean and extremely quiet.

                2. Own a 30" in a co-op in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Might be the most expensive thing in the apartment. Would not mind if one of the 22Ks were in the back, its' my understanding they come with 2 22K, but I bought it last year.

                  Bought an Ikea (Westinghouse) convertible hood. I am NOT cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner on this thing and we are NOT using the burners at 22K for more than 20 min. at a time (I think the pots would melt), keep that in mind because people do suggest a lot of air movement and that comes at a price, and if you can't vent OUT it does not make sense.

                  OTH: This thing does get hot because the grates are cast iron and the oven is powerful and it doesn't have lots of insulation so the sides warm up - a lot. I can't imagine not having some ventilation over it.

                  See photos, The darker photo has the hood, the other photo was the day it was installed

                  1. Still all happy owners? I'm thinking of a 30" RNB, seems like the only range on the market that's similar to the Wolf R304 and doesn't have lots of horror stories regarding reliability, repair, and so on.

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                    1. re: Robert Lauriston

                      The main thing about BS from the reliability/repair perspective is that it is basically a very simple thing without fancy gimcrackery stuff that a serious cook doesn't want anyway and probably accounts for most of the repairs and problems with other brands. Further, the parts they use that can go wrong, eg the igniter module (I think it's called) they buy off the shelf which means your local gas fix-it guy can easily get it or maybe even has one on his truck. Mine was delivered with some screwups in the orifices. BS shipped me a new set and the local gas guys came out and easily put them on and got it running properly even tho they had never seen one before. No problems since (3 years).

                      1. re: johnb

                        Hello everyone,

                        I am looking at the 48 in, and need advise on the hood. Does anyone have the bluestar range hood and how does it compare to others. HELP HELP..

                        thanks in advance....

                        1. re: johnb

                          I have had mine for 2 years, 2 igniters have gone bad, the oven door closed shut, could not open, had to call repair man, the support brackets that hold the spill pan for the oven fell off, bad rivet job . I cook for a living and I use this stove at home, I would not recommend this range to anyone.
                          Chef Ed