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Jul 25, 2009 07:57 AM

Sacramento To Las Vegas

Hey 'hounds,

I'm driving down Hwy 99 south to Hwy 58 east to Vegas in mid August. About a four day trip, so no hurry. Any gems out there? Ethnic, markets, food carts, eclectic? We only pass this way once, and all that. Thanks.

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  1. Bakersfield has Woolgrowers and Noriega's, both Baque restaurants. I've been to Woolgrowners and liked it.
    Murray Family Farms has a fruit stand near Arvin right outside of Bakersfield. It's on a road that connects Highway 99 and Interstate 5. I think it's one of the better in California. The selection isn't great, but what they do have is really fresh. I'd buy stuff for the rest of the trip.

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      Just to clarify the location of Murray Farms:

      Their main location is on CA-58 about 18 or so miles east of the CA-99/CA-58 interchange in Bakersfield. It's on General Beale Rd. This location is a bit closer to Arvin & it's pretty obvious from the freeway. I've never stopped here so I can't say anything about the quality.

      According to their web site, they have a 2nd location on Copus Rd., which does run between I-5 & CA-99 a ways south of Bakersfield (not too far north of the Grapevine). It's not along the route to Vegas if you're coming south on CA-99 & then heading east on CA-58.