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Jul 25, 2009 07:41 AM

Good and reasonably prices Butcher Danforth area

Does anybody know of a good butcher in the Danforth area that has reasonable prices? I am new to the area so need a regular butcher. I've read Royal Beef is good - how are their prices? Do they have ground chuck?

By reasonable prices, I just mean a place that's not overpriced.


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  1. Excuse my terrible spelling/grammar. Just woke up!

    1. Royal Beef has good quality meats at reasonable prices. But I can't tell you more than that unfortunately because, even though we cook/eat their products two to four times a week, I'm not the one in my household who does the buying there. However, I know if there were a problem with either quality or price, we wouldn't be shopping there at all.

      1. I'll check Royal Beef out, but typically the offerings along the Danforth are few.

        Blackstone's Butcher which is just east of Broadview has nice organic and free-range meats. Sticker shock over prices as some things are expensive. I particularly like their organic mild Italian pork sausages (despite preferring spicy sausages) which are very tasty.

        Lately, my family has given up on the Danforth. We are going to St. Lawrence Market for our meats. Brown Brothers have been selling good ribs and sausages lately.

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          From your post it sounds like until recently your family had bought meat on Danforth Ave. Which places were those? Sun Valley had very good meat some years ago but it's getting harder to find any meat that interests me now. I used to make a trip to Royal Beef twice a week but it's not the same after Paul. I'm not interested in all the prepared / marinated meats at Blackstone. Some of the Greeks butcher have some interesting meats but you'll never find any aged steaks there. We're eating more seafood these days as a good steak is getting hard to find in the neigbourhood, and I don't have the time to drive to Pusateri's or McEwan and pay what they want. I remember that in the 80's you could get some great steaks at Bruno's, I'll have to check them out again.