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Jul 25, 2009 07:18 AM

Wright Dairy in Birmingham?

Is there a place in Birmingham I can buy Wright Dairy milk and/or ice cream? The website mentions a store on 280, but the number is disconnected so I'm assuming it's no longer there...

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  1. I would shoot them an email from the website. I love their cheeses!

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      Alas, the store on 280 closed months ago, and it is the only real outlet for Wright products. You can find the milk (at an extreme price) at IOrganic Harvest in Hoover, on U.S. 31 near the new Publix.
      Wright's dairy sets up a stand at Pepper Place on Saturdays to sell its cheese and pesto. The cheeses are wonderful, although they don't sell the fresh mozzarella you see at some local restaurants. We're enjoying the Canbreak Gouda this week.
      The guy at the market said they're not set up now to do sales of milk at the market, and they really don't seem concerned about setting up another retail outlet in town.
      Of course, if you're willing to ride out to Anniston, you can stock up at the dairy.
      I've also heard talk about some informal co-ops in town that make the trek at least every other week to fill folks orders.

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        Thanks for the info! I tried emailing the site but haven't heard anything yet...I may go talk to them at Pepper Place this weekend. (Then probably just suck it up and make the drive out to the farm)

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          There is a store in Pelham now right on 31 that sells the milk and a few other items. Berries Market.

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            Miller's Cheese House down in Vincent, AL also carries the milk, buttermilk, and butter (if I remember correctly.)

            If you go on the second or third weekend of the month, they have samples set out of their cheeses, jams, salsa, and sometimes their ciders and soups.