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Jul 25, 2009 07:09 AM

need some eating advice

i am a pretty seasoned traveller, but there is something about japanese restaurants that keeps me a bit scared to walk in and sit down by myself. perhaps it is because i am a woman traveling on my own, or the formality of japan, but i'm much better if i have a list of must-do's and just tackle it.

i'm stopping in tokyo after a ten day trip to thailand. i have several things i have to accomplish while there, so my time to wander is limited.

i'll be at ometsando. and in the wholesale restaurant district. (if you've not been here, it is a delight. nearly all my dishes and glasses were purchased here and they are gorgeous and expensive looking, only not at all expensive.

i need to go to the super muji, the one with the entire house in it and the restaurant and the eyeglass shop. i'm not sure what neighborhood this is in.

i also need to go to uniqlo.

i'm staying in shibuya.

what do you think i need to eat. and specifically where and what to order?

i'd like a japanese experience. no western food, please. and budget is of concern so nothing too crazy on this trip please

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  1. I don't know where the Super Muji is, but there is a Uniqlo in Shibuya and it's surrounded by bad/cheap restaurants. Don't eat within 150meters of that Uniqlo.

    Eat noodles, yakitori, sushi, grilled fish and tempura ? In no particular order

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      The Super Muji is in Yurakucho, near the station.