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Jul 25, 2009 07:05 AM

need a must eat list for bangkok please

coming back to bangkok just four months after my first trip because i loved the food and the back massage. i am travelling alone, so need places where i can enjoy the food without needing a herd of people with me to try a million dishes.

first night, am staying in sukhumvit. have eaten lots of street food here and at the grocery store on soi 5 with the food counter. looking for recommendations of what not to miss. i arrive around midnight and will be hungry. do not want to eat at the 7/11 across the street. suggestions at that hour.

next two nights am at at the peninsula. do not want to eat expensive food at all, so am looking for street food or inexpensive restaurant suggestions. am not afraid to travel.

then i move on the luxe xl which i think is in silom.

love a list of dishes i have to have. and where i should have them.

wondering if the two famous chicken rice restaurants are worth seeking out?

last trip, in february, had, i think, sauteed marigold stems. was one of the best things i've ever eaten. looking for experiences like that.

prefer not to eat too much deep fried food. last trip, went a bit crazy and ended up with a doctor in my room tending to what turned out to be indigestion, but it felt like a heart attack.
prefer not to experience that again.

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  1. Kaiton, one of my favorite chicken rice shops, isn't hard to find. From the Chitlom BTS area, head up Ratchadamri, with Centralworld across the road. After you pass Big C, and cross over the canal, turn right on Petchaburi. Kaiton will be a very short walk, on the corner, at Soi 30 Petchaburi.

    Mondays are pretty quiet when it comes to street food. It has been set aside as the day to actually enforce the ban on street vending.

    Convent Road, between Silom and Sathorn, pretty much becomes an outdoor food court, Tuesday through Friday. Around lunchtime, it caters to Silom's office staffs.

    Another Silom favorite is United Center's 3rd floor food court. Once again, weekday lunch is the time to visit. My favorite vegetarian eatery is located there.

    Just south of where I figure the Luxx is, you can find Polo Rice Soup/ It's actually a full menu eatery, that does some great dishes. Their stir fried morning glory is up there!

    Just head south on Lang Suan, then left on Sarasin. When hit Wireless, turn right and walk to Soi Polo (Sanam Khli).

    The famous "Polo Chicken" is also here, but the last couple times I ate there, I came away with extreme "indigestion".

    Soi Polo:

    Polo Rice Soup:

    1. Samboon on suriwong for their crab curry (I get the pieces rather than the big lobster with the shell let me know

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        Address: Somboon Seafood, 169/7-11 Surawong Rd, Bangkok (across from the Peugeot Bldg). Tel: 02233-3104. You should also try the Somboon prawns. Touristy place tho.

      2. You might have had sauteed morning glory, that was a favorite of mine (usually w/ oyster sauce).
        Two other dishes I loved, and have never seen in the Thai menus in the States: "winged bean salad" and shrimp and pomelo salad. Winged beans are like long green beans, and pomelos are citrus like a big grapefruit.
        There are at least 1,000 decent restaurants in Bangkok, it's just staggering!

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          "winged bean salad" and shrimp and pomelo salad." -
          "Yam tua plu" and "yam som o" - you can find them in Los Angeles' Thai restaurants :-)

        2. I would consider Soi Polo Chicken a must try

          Also really good if you're not wanting fried is to eat at "Hai" on Soi Convent. This is the same as Soi Polo but grilled chicken instead of fried and more emphasis on Som Tam and Larb. Really good food here as well.

          Be sure to try "Yam Pla Duk Foo" if you can. It's fried but oh so good. They have it at Soi Polo and at a great place across from Pantip Plaza on Soi 4. It's a covered street place with orange chairs called Mama's Place or something like that. Really good local, but clean food.


          A trip to Soi 38 late night is in order. Just stroll around. Some really good Kao Man Gai (thai chicken rice I guess... but so much better than the tasteless chicken rice of Singapore).

          Another great Kao Man Gai stand is at lunch time on convent road. Look for the hanging chickens in the street cart and try to get a chair. It's all of 30 THB for a plate (you may want two).