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Jul 25, 2009 06:43 AM

cinnamon basil ?

We raised some cinnamon basil this year and looking for recipies to use it.

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  1. I could broaden my horizons with its use as well.
    - We use it for caprese on ciabatta (tomatoes, fresh mozz, basil, olive oil).
    - I sometimes throw a little in salads, too.
    - It's tasty on a straight up tomato sandwich with mayo.
    - Am sure it makes a delicious pesto. Here is a recipe for cilantro pesto I've made. You can use as a base and swap basil for the cilantro

    My modifications to the above recipe:
    -doubled it
    - walnuts instead of almonds
    -Pecorino Romano instead of parmesan (ALWAYS in this house!
    )-salt to taste--just a few grinds of the shaker--1 teaspoon would be WAY too much

    Will be interested to hear what other posters are doing with it. Probably something in the Thai food realm.

    1. I've got some for the first time. I just loved smelling it.

      I am going to make some cashew pesto with it for starters. Not sure what else I will try. Probably mix some whole leaves in with salad green.

      1. How's this for horizon-broadening? I found a very interesting recipe for cinnamon basil ICE CREAM on a blog from a Seattle Times food writer. If I have vanilla beans in the cupboard, it's game on today! If anyone beats me to the ice cream maker, please post back!

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          Instead of the recipe above, I combined it with a recipe for Cinnamon Gelato from "The Ultimate Frozen Dessert" and came up with the following recipe for Cinnamon Basil Gelato. The custard is chilling in the fridge right now and tastes EXCELLENT!

        2. On Balsamic grilled stone fruit of course! It really adds a nummy flavour to grilled peaches.

          1. I'm thinking it might make a nice mojito, or something cocktail-y.

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              I'm sure that's right--or a nicely-infused simple syrup.