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Jul 25, 2009 06:23 AM

Wayne NJ-area inquiry

Hi, We live north of Boston; however, my husband is a finalist for a new position in Wayne, NJ. For a variety of reasons, we would maintain two households for at least two years (my job, difficulty of selling this house in current market, etc.). The plan is to rent/buy a nice two-bedroom townhouse for that period. I would be down there about fifty percent of the weekends, he'll be here the rest. So here's the question -- from a foodie perspective, what community should we look in for a townhouse? Keys are: no more than a twenty-minute commute to Wayne; access to a wide variety of non-chain restaurants; access to good food and wine markets; and hopefully a CSA or good farmers' market. Any insights you can give or links to good area websites are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. First look into Montclair. It has alot of different housing options as well as many great restaurants (many of which are BYO). The other town you might like is Ridgewood. Same kind of town feel as Montclair and also alot of good dining options. I live in Wayne which is a foodie wasteland! We dine out in Manhattan alot. Let us know how your search turns out.

    1. I also agree with looking at the towns of Montclair as well as Ridgewood. You could also look at townhomes in Wayne, as it is a short drive (about 15-20 minutes) to Montclair. Ridgewood is farther, not too bad. Franklin Lakes is also very nice town that is quite close to Wayne. I'm not certain that Franklin Lakes has any town homes though.
      Fair Lawn is next to Ridgewood. they have some new TownHome rentals on Rt 208, which would be an easy commute to Wayne. Both Ridgewood and Fair Lawn are near Fairway Market, a fun grocery store with lots of great products that you cannot find elseware.

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        Thank you bot h so much for the leads. I had already targeted Ridgewood when I did a search for a Whole Foods. I had no idea that a Fairway was in the area -- great news! I'll start digging into the other communities you mentioned. Keep your fingers crossed!

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          You'll likely not find a large inventory of townhomes in Ridgewood. Surrounding communities might have more. It's not as though you have to actually live *in* the town with restaurants and shopping. The towns in this area are all quite close to each other, and getting around isn't difficult. Depending on where you need to go in Wayne, any of the towns around that area offer an easy commute.

      2. Another vote for Montclair. I've only lived there for 2 months moving from NYC and so far we're happy with the food selection in town and nearby - great standards as well as ethnic variety. There is a small Whole Foods in town but a huge once close by in West Orange. There is a nice farmers market on saturdays from June - October or so.

        My next door neighbor works in Wayne and his drive couldn't be easier.

        1. Prices are very high in Montclair and Ridgewood. For close proximity to Wayne (and the aforementioned M+R), you might want to look at Verona, Fairfield, Mahwah, Pompton Lakes, Pompton Plains, Lincoln Park, Hawthorne, Fair Lawn, Rutherford, Lyndhurst, and any place in the Passaic/Essex/Bergen county vortex. We love food here.

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            Absolutely what I was going to say; Montclair and Ridgewood are both $$, but the other thing is that they're what I would call "interior" towns. Close to highways, but in order to get to/from those highways, you have to do 25-35mph through VERY local streets. Rutherford was certainly going to be a rec, as is Nutley, where there are definitely townhouses. Food-wise, you'll have access to everything if you're close to the Rt 3 or Rt 46 corridor--including NYC!

          2. You might try Ramsey or Mahwah. They both hold pockets of townhouses/condos and are close to Ridgewood and Suffern, NY which contain many restaurants. Ramsey has a fair share as well. Either would be 20 minutes or so to Wayne.

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              Thanks to all who replied but, unfotunately, it appears that another individual got the job. Very, very distressing given the current job market and his present lack of employment, Best, ---