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Jul 25, 2009 06:02 AM

Best Brewpub/Casual Dinner Food in Portland

Hey all - my wife and I are headed to Portland in September (Thu-Tue) for a weekend trip focused on food, beer and wine. We're beginning to do some research and I am looking for suggestions on some of the better casual and brewpub type restaurants for dinner.

Already have a decent list of restaurants that are definite, but they seem to be coming in at the higher end of the spectrum, including Le Pigeon, Ten01, Sel Gris and Laurelhurst Market. That's a whole different post, so I will save that one for when we solidify our choices. But you can at least see the type of food that we like.

Now I am looking for maybe a casual choice or two. One of the best meals I ever had in San Francisco was a hangar steak sandwich at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company. Hoping to find a great brewpub and/or casual dinner spot that focuses on Portland and NW style food (we travel quite a bit around the Southeast, so no need for Southern food on this trip). Shoot, if they are really good, then we can use the suggestions for lunch as well.

And I am sure there are other threads that are similar, but I couldn't find anything using a search.



Edit: corrected spelling. I just typed it out pretty quickly; already have those restaurants' pages bookmarked.

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  1. We have a wealth of high quality food carts, so I'd say that's a PDX kind of thing. So hitting carts would be the Portland experience.

    Also on the more casual side there's always Kenny & Zuke's. For brewpubs, Roots, Lucky Lab or Amnesia.

    (It's spelled "Sel Gris" & "Laurelhurst" if that will help your searching.)

    1. I'd seriously look into the Descutes Brewery and Public House. Descutes has long been considered one of the best breweries in Portland. In fact, a good option would be to walk from Brideport to Descutes and see which one you like best. Both have high quality beer with casual but decent food.

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        And between Bridgeport and Deschutes you could stop by Rogue Brewery also.

      2. I love eating at the bar at Pazzo in the Vintage Plaza. They make great drinks, have good beer on draft, and their casual Italian food cannot be beat...outstanding pizzas, salume, prosciutto, pastas, salads, etc. It's the best bar to eat at in Portland!

        1. Look no further than the bar at Pazzo in the Vintage Plaza Hotel. They make great drinks, have good beer on tap, and their casual Italian food cannot be beat...great pizzas, salume, prosciutto, salads, pastas, etc. This place has the best bar food in Portland!

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            CH Editor...please remove one of my duplicate postings above. It didn't show up right away, so I redid it. Sorry!

          2. I had a nice meal at Bridgeport Brewery last weekend. A bowl of chowder was top notch; hints of smoke from bacon, potatoes that hadn't been cooked to mush and good flavor from the seafood. I also had the grilled wild salmon which I enjoyed though the quinoa and sauce weren't hot enough. Excellent bread made in their inhouse bakery. As a matter of fact we'd stopped by earlier in the morning for a beer but they were only serving baked goods and coffee. The baquettes looked so good I bought one and walked down the street to browse at Powells, after which the nearby Deschutes brewery was open for lunch. We ordered a charcuterie plate to accompany the beer. The platter was quite good, but the french style bread that came with it was awful compared to the Bridgeport baquette in my knapsack, so we ended up eating that. I did prefer the beer at Deschutes.