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Jul 25, 2009 05:31 AM

Best Middle Eastern food in Northern NJ?

My friends and I are doing a group dinner (approx. 8-10 people) in early August and we're looking for a good Middle Eastern place in Northern NJ. Most of us live in the West Orange/Montclair/Cifton/Bloomfield area but we'll likely have someone coming from North Bergen and someone else coming from cental New Jersey so convenient to the Parkway would be great.


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  1. for good food that's easy for everyone to get to, i'd say Sultan in Clifton or Rose's in Fairlawn.

    1. I recommend Main Street in Paterson for good Middle Eastern food in the Chowhound tradition. There's an Arab/Turkish strip in on Main Street in Paterson west of Crook Ave. I think it's exit 156 off the GSP. We usually go to Al Bashar. They're Palestinians. Their English isn't so great, but they're very nice. There are some good Turkish restaurants in Paterson as well.