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Jul 25, 2009 05:04 AM

Kid Friendly Breakfast at Yonge & Eg?

My 3 year old is starting some regular Saturday morning Taekwondo lessons at Yonge & Eg and I would love some recommendations on a place we could go for breakfast afterwards. Please guys, don't suggest the golden griddle!! He is fairly well behaved in restaurants and I'd love something that I could make a nice Saturday morning tradition for us. I will have a car so travelling isn't out of the question but I think I'd prefer something we could walk to.



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  1. I dunno how busy it gets but maybe Sunser Grill at 2313 Yonge St. works?

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    1. re: d00n

      I forgot all about Sunset Grill. Thanks! I think we'll try that today :)

    2. Mars and Good Bite are both kid friendly diners. I personally prefer Good Bite, but the menu at Mars is bigger and may have more options that appeal to your little guy.

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      1. re: TorontoJo

        Definitely Good Bite.
        The owners, Louie and Demitra, love kids.

      2. We've had good luck at Boom Breakfast. Been there with kids a few times. It's at 174 Eglinton W., about a 5 minute walk from the corner of Yonge & Eg.

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        1. re: simplepieman

          I really like that Boom---and I think it's pretty kid-friendly.

        2. Thanks for the suggestions! We popped in the Sunset Grill this moring and thought it was ok. The "kids" meal was huge. I could have easily shared his meal with him and we both would have left full. I'm thinking we'll try the Big Bite next week and see how that goes.

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            A cautionary tale:

            I have been taking my kid to Good Bite more or less regularly for 16 years.

            Early on he liked to chew on (ok, gum) a quarter slice of whole wheat toast. Cheap date!

            Then he graduated to a bowl of rice pudding, about $1 back then (and highly recommended for young Taekwondo masters) Still a cheap date.

            He progressed to a soft boiled egg with toast for dipping and later to eggs sunny. Not so cheap any more but offset by not having to buy Huggies!

            Now he likes the Western Omelette with a side of peameal, home fries , 2 orders of toast, a Greek Salad , a milkshake and Rice Pudding. Not a cheap date any more and he's hungry 15 minutes later, so I let his mom take him!

            1. re: sumdumgoy

              LOL! Thanks for the advance waring sumdumgoy!!! :-)

          2. There is a What A Bagel, at Y & E which is not a bad place for a quick breakfast. Their bagels are decent whilst still warm and they offer other items like grilled halloumi sandwiches. Very kid-friendly.

            What A Bagel
            2279 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P2C6, CA