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Jul 24, 2009 10:43 PM

creme de menthe + creme de cacao "colors"

So, there's creme de menthe white and green---do they taste different?

Then, creme de cacao dark and white/light--do they taste different?

I went on cocktaildb but it still confuses me.


[It says the menthe comes in the two "versions" and the cacao comes in the "light and dark varieties," but most recipes still call for one or the this mostly for presentation or something?]

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  1. No. The colors are just for color. BTW, Marie Brizzard is the only brand of cordial in the U.S. worth buying.

    1. It's entirely for effect in both cases. White crème de menthe plus green food coloring equals green crème de menthe. If you're going to stock one at home, it might as well be the white; the most common drink I can think of with green is a Grasshopper, while the most common with white is the Stinger. While a white Grasshopper still looks halfway decent, an olive drab Stinger just doesn't look right. Besides, you can always add a few drops of green food coloring if you wish.

      Incidentally, the same goes for orange and blue curaçao. Technically triple sec would fall in line with these (white curaçao), but usually triple sec is a different proof than a curaçao by the same company.