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Jul 24, 2009 10:30 PM

new worth-visiting Restaurant in Solvang, CA

Root 246 is a Bradley Ogden restaurant in Solvang, near Los Olivos. The restaurant is open 7 days and the decor is welcoming, modern and well done.
The wine list contains good local selections from the region (although the wait staff needs additional training or the supposed "knowledgeable" manager, should not have said she was too busy to come over and answer question.

Regardless of the lacking service, the food was creative, much of it local/organic and delicious.

Unique drinks worth trying: Laughing Buddah, a vodka cocktail w/ ginger and several other ingredients.

The local squid ceviche was refreshing and delicious and served w/ an iced slush of watermelon on a spoon. Beautiful presentation and the iced watermellon gave a sweetness to the ceviche that balanced the entire dish

I am not a big fan of chicken but my husband had the "shake & bake" chicken and it was very good. The best part in my opinion was that it was served over a creme fraiche whipped potatoes w/ large raisins and an apple slaw.

Root 246
420 Alisal Road, Solvang, CA 93463

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  1. I live locally here, and finally got the chance to visit and enjoy Root 246.

    We enjoyed the cocktails- and the wines as well.

    The food TASTES as good as it looks- which was what I was hoping for. Sometimes food that is presented as fantastic- doesn't taste fantastic. Bradley Ogden is there almost every night and his staff in the kitchen is doing a great job.

    The serving staff...well- it is my understanding they have a F&B manager, then a restaurant manager as well- and either one of them could stand a slap upside the head. We were over hassled, hovered over, and they took our condiments before we were done with the plate they went with. We had a waitress come and explain drinks- she took our order and we never saw her again. Over the course of the evening we had 4 different servers and multiple bussers- I do not think any of them spoke to eachother- ever. The manager came to our table more than once, but to chat and take compliments only.

    I love the new design and the furniture. In sitting in the leather booth style chairs- we felt we were in our own room- yu cannot see around or over them.

    We enjoyed the maytag souffle, halibut and calamari tempura, the "hotdog", pub burger, chilli (AWESOME!), the chicken and the ice burg salad. All well prepared and damn near perfect, IMO. Only complaint of the food- no one offered me fresh pepper for my salad- and when we inquired- a salt and pepper shaker arrived on the table. So we asked again and I got my pepper.

    I have confidence the restaurant will continue to put out excellent food- not sure how the staffing will be improved. Our bill came to $380.00 for 4, and because one of group is friendly with the owners- I think a few drinks and apps were comped. I never saw the bill- let the others handle it.

    I am going to cross my fingers for improvement- we need this restaurant to do well!!

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      Reading your post about the serving staff, was almost like dejavu.
      I will say your mention of the maytag souffle awakend my tastebud memory and wishing I lived locally!