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Best Burgers in Oregon

I liked that Best in Washington thread so I thought I'd start a thread for us.
In the Rogue Valley I'd nominate Jasper's on Hwy 99, fresh ground each morning, a variety of toppings. All good.
How about your finds? Anywhere in the state is fine by me.

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  1. As far as Eugene goes, I think that Cornucopia has the best burgers. Great beef, good buns but not too much bread, ask for a side of thousand island too, I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure it's homemade. There're two locations, but the best one is the original on 17th and Lincoln.

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      Cornucopia's pretty darn good.

      If you're in Springfield on a Monday or Thursday, try the Hole-in-the-Wall BBQ's (on Olympic near Mohawk) smoked burger with bacon and cheese. They're amazing, but only available on those two days. They also make the best fries in Lane county.

    2. Hillsboro has the Helvetia Tavern. Huge burgers. Its been around for years. And they have accommodations for children as well. We've had group lunches and even met there after work. Check out some of the reviews at:


      1. In Portland I think that Kenny & Zuke's makes a righteous burger. Huge patty topped with Swiss and pastrami.

        My brother in law swears that the best burger is at The Burger Shack in Hubbard. I keep meaning to try it.

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          Gearhart Junction Cafe near Seaside has some great burgers, it's a fairly new place with a 50's ambiance. They have awesome milkshakes, onion rings and fries here, also. :)

        2. Farm to Fork in Dundee has a mean burger. The house sweet pickles and onions are great.

          1. I am from San Diego and just came back from Eugene. I had a burger at Cornucopia and was so impressed. It was delicious! One of the best burgers I've ever tasted, and I've eaten many burgers in my time. They claim to have the best burger on earth (and Mars) and there is at least a little truth in that!

            1. I've blogged about quite a few places in Eugene Oregon which claim to have the "best burger in Eugene", most of which don't come very close to this claim. Contenders include The Cooler, Turtles, Cornucopia, Burger Lovers, Terry's, Dickie Jo's, Hult Plaza Cafe, etc. (Week after week, Burger Lovers is the leader in hits on my website...so I guess their high traffic location on 7th street is good for something...albeit not for delicious burgers).

              The winner in the special combination category of "best burger with huge variability (i.e. sometimes very good and sometimes bad)" is Cornucopia. I just can not tolerate the terrible service anymore at the original location. The one near 5th street market is a better choice now.

              The real winner for solid performance time after time is Turtles on Willamette, followed closely by The Cooler. The Cooler is a sports bar, so don't expect a red carpet and tuxedo-wearing waitstaff.

              1. Hands down, best burger in Oregon.... "Diamond Lake Junction Cafe" at the junction of 138 & 97 in central Oregon... I bit into this burger, and a ray of sunshine gleamed in through the window and freakin angels started singing! No other will ever compare to it's majesty, which is beyond brutal because it's one heck of a long drive no matter where you live in the state...

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                  Thanks, that's one I hadn't heard of.

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                    This is about the half way point from Reno to Ocean Park. I will definitely stop next time for lunch.

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                      I came, I stopped, I ate, I enjoyed....

                      Very good burger, you could smell the cooking out on the highway.

                  2. In Salem, MacGregor's Public House gets my nod followed closely but Orupa and Lakeview Restaurant. Other runners up would be the Shack B&G and the Bunker B&G.

                    1. It's been a few years, but we had some hellaciously good burgers and fries at Jimmy's Classic Drive-In in Grants Pass http://jimmysclassicdrivein.com/

                      1. Both the Toro Burger and the Tasty Burger @ Tasty & Sons in Portland are pretty dang near being the perfect burger if there ever was one :-D

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                          Our new burger find is The Relief Pitcher here in Seaside! Perfection on a plate! :)

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                              Oh, it seems to be on the highway next to the golf course.

                        2. In Hood River, I highly recommend Brian's Pourhouse. To die for, everything we've tried there -- burgers included. http://brianspourhouse.com/