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Jul 24, 2009 09:27 PM

OC FAIR: 2009 questions and reviews

Okay so I haven't gone to the fair yet this year, but I'm going to see the demolition derby tomorrow- Saturday at 2pm.

1st question: Is the gingerbread house back. It was gone last year and I really missed the warm gingerbread and the strawberry shortcake. That shortcake is the best.

2nd question: Anything new this year worth trying? I heard the Turkey legs are something like 10$ this year.

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  1. they keep showing the $15(?) Mexican Funnel Cake, if you can finish it in 15? mins its free

    1. The homemade potato chips were really, really good!

      1. I tried this new thing at a Yelp event the night before the opening. Chicken Charlie's has a corndog, but the dog is surrounded by a hollowed out zucchini. Here's a pic: It was quite good if you like corndogs, and the zucchini still had a good texture, not too soft or underdone. I still need to go this year, apparently on Thursdays for 2-4 hours they have $2 tastings which is a steal by fair standards.

        1. Don't waste your time, calories and $$ on the deep fried somemores. They're $5 or $6 and taste as bad as they sound.

          1. I hear they have chocolate dipped bacon this year....

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              Didn't do it, but heard that it was surprisingly good......I dunno. I love bacon and I love chocolate. Just can't bear the thought of a combo.

              1. re: schrutefarms

                Chocolate is kind of waxy. Its like a big mass of choc around a small sliver of bacon.

                1. re: Jase

                  There is a litle known area close to where they have the big steer and the huge horse , is a tent sponsored by knotts and inside they have wine tasting and cheese trays, it's not the same as the one esponsor by the oc wine society..

                  1. re: Jase

                    I'm going to go back later this week. My uncle and father-in-law didn't want to eat at the fair so I only ended up having a large lemonade and a large orange julius (half pineapple)

                    I had the chocolate covered bacon. It wasn't that bad in fact for the first 3 bites it was pretty good. It comes frozen in a little chinese to-go box. There's way too much of it unless you're sharing with like 5 people. The chocolate is so dark and rich that it just does you in after about 3 to 4 bites. Think of each bite as being the equivalent of a truffle. Well I can't eat more than about 3 truffles in a row. It needs more bacon and less chocolate.

                    I'll probably go tomorrow so if anyone has a request for me to try just let me know.

                  2. re: schrutefarms

                    It comes frozen. And I find frozen bacon very ewww...

                    1. re: huaqiao

                      It comes frozen? :( I was hoping it was going to be all hot and gooey and greasy and drippy.