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Jul 24, 2009 08:00 PM

KARCZMA polish restaurant in greenpoint

anybody been here? it's in the heart of greenpoint on greenpoint ave near manhattan ave. KARCZMA opened in 2007. it has a friendly staff and a cute rustic atmosphere. the food is solid classic polish standards. i stopped in for a late lunch and had tripe soup, asparagus wrapped in polish ham, potato/onion pierogies and some cranberry juice to drink.

everything was delicious. the tripe soup was very tender and i really liked the polish ham on the asparagus. haven't had polish ham in a long time, i forgot how good it is. i had the pierogies boiled and they were just fine too. the only dud was the cranberry juice, which was eh because it had a tinny canned taste. oh well.

overall the place is definately worth checking out. i'd like to try more on that menu.

ps -- you can see my chow pictures below.

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  1. There have been numerous threads on Polish restaurants here on this site, including this restaurant.. It's always nice to read an updated review.
    Thanks for posting. :-)

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      Polish/Eastern European food always struck me as being heavy. But I'm willing to keep an open mind. Thanks for the rec and pix! Did you walk over to Peter Pan's for a donut afterwards? Not that you'd have room :)

    2. been there several times, love the saurkraut-mushroom pierogies, there grilled kielbasa is really good too. i liked the white borsht, very tasty