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Jul 24, 2009 07:23 PM

Baked beans with canned beans?

It seems that every baked bean recipe I read, they use dried beans. Does anyone have any good recipes for sweet-style baked beans using canned beans?

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    1. Using Bush's tomato-based baked beans as a start, I cut 2 slices of bacon in half-inch slices and saute them, adding a chopped onion. When bacon is done, I add two 28oz cans, maybe 1/4 cup catsup, a tsp ground mustard, and 1/4 cup brown sugar, then simmer the whole thing slowly till it thickens - maybe 45 min. Sometimes with some hot dogs or knockwurst, either sliced or whole, included. Nothing is measured so I'm guessing here. The neighbor on whose recipe this was based baked hers, with strips of bacon laid atop it rather than what I do. If I were to use plain canned beans, I'd drain them and add 1/3 cup of canned tomato sauce for every cup of beans, with the rest of the ingredients the same.

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        When I'm in a pinch, I tend to do something very similar. I don't have a set recipe- I just keep tinkering with things until they taste good.

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          My latest favorite is B&M maple flavored baked beans, with a good splash of rum (preferably Capt Morgan) and then bake 20 to 30 minutes til it gets back to original consistency. Why make it from scratch when it tastes this good?

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          greygarious, to quote the p.d eastman book, "are you my mother?"

          ....'cause that's what my mom always does (whenever she decides to cook these days), except she bakes hers in a small dutch oven. she uses plain old van camp's canned pork and beans to start.

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            Those were the pre-Bush days, actually, and Mrs. Martin was using Campbell's. Sometimes I still do, but Bush's needs less doctoring. My kids have 4 legs, supermodel build, and can run 40mph, but they can't type.

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              ;-). yes, the bush's bbq ("grillin'") beans need no doctoring. i wish i could recall which of the four varieties i liked best. steakhouse, maybe? it wasn't the southern style.

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            People rave about this recipe, and it's almost embarrassing.

            Bush's baked beans mixed with KC Masterpiece, cover with squares of thick bacon (I mean COVER) and bake until thickened at 350, about 3 hours for a small party batch.

          3. wonderful, thanks so much!

            1. This is a huge recipe, you can cut it down. People love it.


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                  Beans for 300!! Is Ellen the chef at San Quentin? ;) adam

                2. I have made some really tasty beans baked beans and had started with canned beans.
                  I usually do the dump method when making these, and the reason is because sometimes I'll have two large cans sometimes 4 small etc. But I do use the same ingredients to make them.
                  But I'l try to make this using 2 large cans of Bush's BBQ beans or any brand is fine.
                  Onion - 1 large white onion chopped and cooked translucent first cut off several rings for the top saute and place aside with the reserved bacon.
                  Bacon 5-6 thick pieces of bacon - fried again until translucent cut up, reserve some for top
                  Honey - 1T
                  Molasses 2T
                  2T Hoisin sauce
                  Brown Sugar !/2 cup
                  Dried Mustards - Colemans 1 T
                  Yellow mustard 1T
                  Ketchup 2-3 T
                  Garlic powder 1T
                  Tobasco - 6 shakes more if you like it spicy
                  Mix it all together and put in a large casserole. Place the reserved bacon on top.With some sauteed small onion rings
                  Bake until bubbly, remove the top and continue baking for another 10 minutes.
                  Put the lid back on and let it rest before serving to let the juices settle.

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