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Funny food references on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

There are sooooooooooo many, but here's a handful for starters (there's a marathon of 'em on tonight):

- Jeff, after eating the sponge cake from the bakery going out of business, "It's like eating a delicious sponge!"

- "Is it wrong to ask a chef for ketchup?"

- How 'bout the Benadryl brownies they served to Richard Lewis's date after she had an extreme allergic reaction to brownies made with peanuts (and she wouldn't take a Benadryl for religious reasons)?

- club soda and salt for stains on fabric???

- How to order a latte:

- "Using Halloween to get candy":

What are some of your favorites? Extra credit for linking to clips! ;)

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  1. The sample abuser at the ice cream shop. She was in front of Larry in line, tasted countless flavors, and then ordered vanilla. Of course Larry confronted her, not knowing she was in charge of admissions for an exclusive private school his daughter was applying for.

    Cheryl's family visited for X-mas. VERY religious sister made cookies that were for a nativity scene at church. Hungry late at night, Larry ate a few. The next morning was an ugly scene:
    "You ate the Baby Jesus!"
    "I thought it was a monkey!"

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    1. re: Leonardo

      No cow too sacred. I have tears of laughter in my eyes just from reading the monkey remark.

      1. Curb is one of my favorite shows. LD is a comedy genius.

        How bout the missing shrimp episode.

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        1. re: scubadoo97

          Lunch at Canter's Deli with the mentally challenged carwash guys and Haboos.

          The Larry David sandwich episode.

          The Korean bookie's bulgogi at the oceanfront wedding.

          Cherryl's seder dinner episode with potato latkes provided by the registered sex offender.

          Larry's restaurant's opening with the French chef with Tourette syndrome who would not cook anything with capers or salmon.

          The broken tooth from a chicken salad sandwich.

          Sunday dinner at the arizona home of Larry's "real parents"

          The ski lift episode with Larry and Ben Heinneman at the kosher deli. Edible underwear same episode.

          "Trick or treat" episode with the argument with Cliff over the Cobb salad.

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            I forgot about the Korean bookie, Larry and Jeff think he stole Oscar the German Shepherd and made him into food for the wedding
            Susie is one of my favorite characters of all time.

        2. I love all of them! How about the one where the sandwich at the kosher deli named after Larry is disgusting and he's trying to trade sandwich names with someone (Ted Danson?) Oh here it is


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            LD is beyond hysterical, and has so many food refrences, it's making me laugh like a hyena just remembering them all!

            This season's episode with Rosie O'Donnell and "who" gets to pick up the tab for dinner was -really- really funny! Also, the episode with Christian Slater at the party and "hovering" around the caviar and the whole funny mess that worked from that.
            Ohyeah, the first episode of the newest season, and the "rules" of going into someone's fridge, and what you can or can't eat. HYSTERICAL!

            LD is so neurotic, and makes all of his own problems, in one way or another!

          2. later in the sponge cake episode, Susie fighting with the psychotic nanny and falling out the window onto the rest of them.

            the toast/toaster rant.

            1. The incident when Oscar gets sick from a steak Larry had to pretend to take home after Susie told the waiter she was going to feed it to her dog. I love Curb!

              1. On one from this season--when Larry goes to the doctor with Loretta and starts singing the old jingle, "How do you handle a hungry man? The manhandler!"

                Couldn't find the above clip to link, but here's one of Larry singing the Nestle jingle!

                SOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRY! :)

                1. I think Curb is hysterical, but my wife finds LD totally obnoxious. Any armchair (or real) psychologists out there who can explain what that means? We've been married 41 years, so it isn't anything too deep, just pretty curious.

                  Personally, I think she doesn't really get that it's comedy. :o)

                  If she sees this I'm in real trouble.

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                    Same thing here, my husband and his whole family think he's obnoxious and I'm not allowed to discuss him in their presence without "Shut up, I can't stand him": but I think it's the funniest show on TV right now. Maybe because I work around a lot of really rich people so I get a kick out of seeing what goes on behind closed doors, what makes them tick and why they're so rude sometimes, but as you said, a lot of people take it way too seriously.

                    I know lots of people that hate Seinfeld too, for similar reasons. Since both shows revolve around food so much, I find lots to laugh at myself.

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                      Arrogance is definitely an underlying factor in Larry's character, but I'm not so sure it has anything to do with how rich people may or may not act. IT ISN'T REAL, you know. Kindof more like that movie that was out recently about people who are compelled to tell the truth. My explanation is that Larry's character actually says what some people might think, but wouldn't say........ though a lot of the scenes are so wildly impossible that they're just from his and the writers' imagination. Outrageous can be funny or not, I guess.

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                        I guess it's just when people do outrageous things, instead of getting annoyed I think of it as a Larry David episode, and I can laugh it off. I'm in the restaurant business and a lot of his shows involve restaurants. I figure there's some weird reason they're acting so anti-social and if you knew the whole story, there'd be some amusing reason behind it.
                        PS I was out this spring on my birthday, the weekend the Woody Allen movie came out and we sat across the room from LD, he seemed delightfully well behaved and pleasant. The waitress was saying how nice he was. Guess he gets all his stuff out on the set!

                  2. I'm really thinking that Larry David reads Chowhound. This last episode was partly about restaurant checks that have a gratuity included and then have a separate line for additional tip. He leaves it blank and gets into a thing with the server over it.

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                      HA HA HA! He's done this more than once. Do you recall the episode where he draws a big line through the additional tip for the head waiter? And then he forgets something at the restaurant and has to go back and he has to have a whole discussion about why he didn't leave the extra tip? Then his car gets blocked in to boot. Hysterical!

                      1. re: Midlife

                        I got the very same feeling, as well! We'll know of he ever does an episode of him not removing his hat or (god forbid!) wears it backwards inside a better resto and gets grief from Suzie or Jeff. The man is insanely neurotic and his less than ample hair already gets him worried.
                        I know LD is not everyone's cup of tea, but I think he's genius! But, knowing someone like him IRL would be both funny, and nerve-grating. That's why Suzie is so great in the show, she's a bit of enraged sanity at LD's antics.