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Jul 24, 2009 06:56 PM

Best boneless (butterflied?) leg of lamb

I'm searching for a great butchered boneless, or butterflied leg of lamb in TO. I've only grilled one once, and that one was from Whitehouse meats at the SLM, which was great, but expensive. Perhaps you hounds know of a great place for me to get my next leg from? Gasparros on Bloor at Ossington?
Please let me know if you've found a great leg of lamb.
I'm looking forward to my next bbq.
thanks in advance

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  1. Gassparo's has amazing lamb. I don't think you will find anythign better. Whats perhaps even better is that their prices are extremly reasonable!!

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    1. re: carnivore1964

      I used to shop at Whitehouse (for boneless leg of lamb) - they're usually hard to beat on many things.
      However, they stopped carrying the Washington State Lamb (in favour of Ontario) - which just didn't taste the same to me (and why not - it's a different breed).

      I haven't shopped at Gassparo's (theirs is also Ontario - or was when I checked) - so I finally found it at The Butcher Shoppe - Boneless Leg Of Washington State Lamb - and it was slightly cheaper than Gassparo's - but price (within reason) isn't a factor.
      If you haven't tried the Butcher Shoppe - give them a try - the retail entrance is the last door (easternmost) along the North Wall. No credit cards.

      1. re: estufarian

        still ontario... and while they're really nice guys the lamb is a bit too mild and plain in flavour for me. i'm happy with their pork products when i'm not looking for special pigs, we did a tenderloin sandwich that ended up getting overcooked but was still marvelously tender.

        i will have to look into this washington lamb! i'm stil trying to get into the habit of asking about provenance.

        1. re: estufarian

          Had the Washington State lamb from the Butcher Shoppe over the weekend. Fantastic, assertively lamb-y tasting. Thanks for the recommendation, Estufarian.

          I should note, however that they sell Washington State legs either bone-in or as BRTs (boned, rolled, tied) so to make it a true butterfly, you might have to do a little more cutting on your own. But well worth it!

      2. Fresh Australian lamb is sold aged at Costco. It is shipped by sea rather than air, and tastes more mellow than air shipped New Zealand lamb.

        1. It's Ontario lamb - sorry estufarian - but I have always had excellent lamb form Boucherie in the SLM (East wall, North end). We BBQ butterflied legs somewhat frequently. It is also where I get my whole lamb for Easter - milk-fed, under 30 pounds.

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          1. re: OTFOODIE

            No need to apologise - I'd like to support the Ontario product too. But not at the expense of taste (mine - anyone else is obviously free to enjoy what pleases them).
            I can (almost) always pick Washington, Australian, Ontario and New Zealand lamb - I'm still a bit fuzzy on Colorado (which is rare in Ontario anyway).
            I still recall the first and second times I had Washington - I didn't know it then - but it was the best I'd ever tasted. After Whitehouse stopped carrying it, I missed it for about a year until I tasted it (again not knowing origin) in a Toronto restaurant who told me their supplier (Butcher Shoppe). Hence that's why I go there. And my usual cut is the 'boneless leg' - which we BBQ.

            In restaurants - my favourite is the Australian - which tends to be aged longer than most alternatives. I find Ontario has the mildest flavour of all the above - which gets dominated by the spicing/accompaniments.And it often doesn't stand up to the wine.

          2. Thanks all for your advice - much appreciated. estufarian, thanks for the Butcher Shoppe suggestion. It's a bit far from me, so I think I might try Gasparro's first to see if the difference in taste is significant enough to warrant the drive. And I'll keep the Boucherie suggestion in my back pocket too - thank you OT FOODIE.
            My sister and her family are coming to visit and I thought I might grill a leg of lamb. I know my sister isn't the hugest fan of 'gamey' tasting meat.... Estufarian, you say Ontario lamb tastes the mildest of all - perhaps this is the meat I should choose for that evening? They do have a Costco membership (I don't!), so while they're here I can get frozen Australian as jayt90 suggests....but I would like a milder tasting meat to 'introduce' my sister and her kids to lamb. They aren't exactly adventurous - but this recipe I have is so delicious, I'm sure I can win them over.
            And sorry, my original post was a tad misleading - I don't mind spending money for quality, so not necessarily looking for the 'cheapest' option.
            thanks again

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            1. re: tochipotle

              if mild is what you want, i would definitely go gasparro and ontario lamb.

              1. re: pinstripeprincess

                Australian lamb is mild as well but sweeter, and we do purchase it at Costco.
                This has always been my favourite, as I find Ontario lamb too bland.
                Must try the Washington now!

            2. Do you happen to have a recipe? You have tempted me!

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              1. re: chefmomma

                Please start a new thread on the Home Cooking board, and post a pointer to that URL here. Home Cooking is our forum for sharing recipes and cooking advice.

                Let's keep this thread on track by sharing where a leg of lamb can be sourced in this area.