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Jul 24, 2009 06:23 PM

QUICK - last minute trip to Gunnison TOMORROW

We'll have our dog with us so we are looking for either casual lunch and to-go good dinner options in the area. Sorry for the last minute but thanks for ALL of the help!!

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  1. I happen to be in Crested Butte right now, and Gunnison is the town I drive through. I have eaten at Garlic Mike's in the past -- standard Italian fare, friendly, pleasant. Friends who work there sometimes goto Katie's Cookery and Farrell's for lunch. An d there's now a brew pub too. Not sure how this relates to having your dog with you -- except be careful, of course, of leaving the dog in a hot car.

    If you have time, drive north to Crested Butte which has an abundance of excellent eateries.

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      ClaireWalter - I think you're about the only person I've seen offer up info on the CB dining scene - just wondering if you have any updates? I was sad to see Sunshine Deli didn't make it and I didn't get a chance to try the new deli when I was there in July. Have you? One of my favorite places now is that Momo guy's cart with the dumplings - simple and sooooo delicious.

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        Hungryinaz - I'm afraid that Gunnison is the place that I turn to drive to Crested Butte. On my way home on Sunday, I stopped at Mocha to pick up a latte and a scone. I was impressed by this cafe/bakery's attention to families w/ half-size shakes and smooties, kiddie ice cream cones and 1/2 a bagel w/ cream cheese, all far less than an adult size. I'm not pretending it doesn't exist elsewhere, but I've never seen it in an espresso place.

        See for meal report and pix at CB's East Side Bistro.

    2. We ended up doing Garlic Mike's for takeout back at the hotel - it was pretty good!