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Jul 24, 2009 06:15 PM

HKP Eel Special

Just wanted to share my lunch from earlier today. Hong Kong Palace is running a couple specials (from the wall) that have fresh eel that they are bringing in. There are two, both very spicy. I had the "crispy eel" which had celery and scallions. It was spicy and sour and amazing. I have never had celery in a stirfried dish. It has an amazing ability to absorb flavors. Frankly, it was even better after five minutes when all the flavors settled and mingled. There is a second eel dish she translated, which sounded similar, but without the "crispy" adjective. If I get back this week I will describe it.

Secondly, does anyone know what the fermented black beans are that they use in the pork belly entree or in chinese cooking in general? Or does anyone know where the chinese grocery store is out on 50? I couldn't quite understand the name of the store when she mentioned it.


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  1. fermented black beans are black soybeans that have been cooked in a spiced brine, fermented in the brine, and dried. i've seen them called douchi, dul see, and tau see, but if you just ask any Asian grocer for fermented black beans you'll get the right product.

    1. I've had both eel dishes. One is with tiny, black, crispy 'eels', not at all what I imagined, and the other was thick slices as you might normally expect. I've enjoyed both.

      1. H mart and Super H mart are the stores you seek! 1st is on gallows near 50, Super H mart is further out route 50.

        1. You are probably looking for the great wall. Fermented Black been in the dry good section. I don't go for the black bean sauce much. I like the fermental blk beans which I actually was a couple of time. Pretty salty otherwise.

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            Great wall. That was what she was saying. Thanks. She said maybe at Super H, but that it was mostly Korean.