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Jul 24, 2009 04:32 PM

Top of the Top Venice Restaurants

Two adults, food lovers both, will spend a few days in Venice in October for the first time. Any recommendations for the best restaurants? Price is not an issue.

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  1. There is no earth shattering restaurant experience in Venice. What one will find is wonderful seafood simply prepared. Search this board and you will find many excellent recommendations. If you can get to Padua, might want to try Le Calandre. My recent post:

    1. While I am inclined to agree about an "earth shattering" experience in Venice there are several genuinely excellent restaurants there: I would pay particular attention to Alle Testiere which is among the best in Italy. Il Ridotto is a unique, individual presentation which is a wonderful memory that my wife and I still have. For the "earth shattering" dinner I totally agree with PBSF, either take a train/taxi or drive to Rubano which is a suburb of Padua about 35 km east. The three Michelin star Le Calandre is arguably the best restaurant in Italy. The closest style to it in Venice will be the one star, Met.

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        I still think one of the best meals in Venice can be found at Da's a small restaurant with wonderful seafood and's a little expensive but worth it.

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          Da Ivo is very very good but it is so expensive that I am not sure it is worth the cost.
          Below is an earlier post that I wrote on it:

          Another link of an earlier post of mine:

      2. If you havent visited Venice before, your eating priority should be to sample the wonderful seafood cuisine there, utilizing the unique sea creatures of the lagoon and the delicious fish of the adriatic. the cooking methods are not complex, most of the fish is seafood is seasoned simply with olive oil, lemon and maybe some parsley but the tastes are unforgettable.You will have the budget to eat whole fish, which can be rather pricy.There are a lot of posts on the topic of Venetian restaurants if you search -

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          Although I wholeheartedly agree with jen kalb about eating the seafood in Venice, especially those crabs that exist nowhere else, I would like to suggest a place that we have always had a wonderful feast at when visiting - Ai Gondolieri.

          Both times we ate there we had the tasting menu and both times we enjoyed everything we ate. Their mushroom and meat lasagne was one of the best pasta dishes ever - right alongside a pisi dish we ate at a small place in the hills of Tuscanny. Well worth the money and a night out in Venice.

          True, this is not traditional Venitian food, but then again, I have enjoyed french food in NYC, and Mexican food in Chicago, and Japanese food in Barcelona, so why not meat in Venice?

        2. Here is an interesting link.

          We ate at Aniche Stellato recommended in SlowFoods and enjoyed not only the meal, but getting away from the maddning crowds in this still relatively serene "ghetto" section of Venice.

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              That article IS old.. definitely don't go to Antiche Cantine Ardenghi, they've been closed since 2001. But the rest is still pretty good information.

            2. I agree with PBSF that Da Ivo, while wonderful, is no longer worth the price. Sad, because it was a favorite for years. I also agree with posters about the fish, especially the whole fish, being a highlight. And will second seal's enthusiasm for Ai Gondolieri, which has never disapointed. (It is behind the Peggy Guggenheim Musuem.)