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keeping garlic- refrigerate or not

I have noticed that my refrigerated garlic has been getting moldy. I have refrigerated garlic for years and this is a new phenomenon. How do you keep your garlic and how long does it last??

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  1. I don't refrigerate.

    But then again, I use up fresh garlic like I'm pumping gas for a Hummer on a cross-country drive.

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      omg - I am so with you on this one. A recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic? In go 4 or 5. Love love the stuff. :) And I never refrigerate either, countertop only.

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        yeah, baby....in almost every meal...truly, I've done crushed garlic (one small clove) crushed and swallowed and NOT chewed for/with breakfast for the "raw garlic" nutrition. I do include garlic AND onions with almost every dinner meal, that's just me!
        I live in SW Florida and I store it in a glass bowl on the counter with my lovely red tomatoes. Have never had a mold situation but I do attribute that to using it *very quickly.*

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          Yeah, I eat raw cloves of garlic dipped in Hoisin sauce. Yum.

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            holy smokes...a little too hardcore for me!!! good on you, though!

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              I bet you never get mosquito bites either!

        2. Are you talking about the peeled stuff? That I don't know about. The unpeeled I've never refrigerated and it keeps more than long enough for me to use it.

          1. I only use fresh...I never refrigerate...It's used before it could possibly go bad ---------

            1. assuming you mean unpeeled bulbs, don't refrigerate them. it's completely unnecessary and it encourages premature sprouting.

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                totally agree with goodhealth; unpeeled bulbs should be stored in a dark, dry spot...and places like Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma, etc sell garlic storing containers that circulate air--

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                  I've always kept my unpeeled garlic bulbs in an air tight container in the freezer....it never molds, sprouts and stay good forever!

                2. I'm Filipina, I use tons of garlic. But I refrigerate :-)

                  1. We don't refrigerate garlic. Ours occasionally starts to sprout but we generally use it before that happens.

                    1. I was told never to refrigerate garlic. If it sprouts, throw it out.

                      We're garlic lovers, so again, the key may be that we use it quickly.

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                        You actually don't need to throw it out if it sprouts - the green is much sharper than the clove, but perfectly edible. If you let it sit too long, it will definitely go bitter, but a short sprout or a green center is fine.

                        But yeah, refrigerating garlic is a gardening tip that encourages it to sprout so you can plant it. If it went moldy, it was definitely in there way too long (obviously). Our garlic will sprout after only a couple of weeks in the fridge, and grow quite bitter after another week, so I wouldn't refrigerate longer than that. Just eat more garlic. =)

                      2. I never put in the fridge.

                        My supermarket sells organic in packs of three bulbs. I reckon they'll keep for a couple of months so long as your kitchen is reasonably cool - although you might have the odd clove starting to sprout by the end. That's if I havnt used them in that time - try the classic French dish "Poulet aux Quarante Gousses d'Ail", or roast unpeeled cloves with lamb and squeeze out the flesh and smear onto each mouthful. Fab.

                        1. I refrigerate in a zip-lock bag and have occasionally had sprouting issues but like the others am a garlic fanatic and go through it rather quickly.

                          1. on the counter in something that 'breathes' sure sometimes they sprout (but used anyway) almost never molds. the container can be a basket, a colander or a plastic tub I've stabbed repeatedly (that'll learn it) - also how I store potatoes and onions. I figure I should keep them how the store does, since they're in it for the money and do what needs to be done to keep them viable as long as possible.

                            1. We keep ours in a garlic jar in the cupboard above the counter. The jar shown holds 2 to 3 heads. Very handy once we start stripping cloves. They keep just fine. If we buy a large amount, we keep them in a string bag with our potatoes and onions.

                              1. Sprouts in the fridge.

                                I just keep it on the counter.

                                If I have a ton of it, I put whole bulbs, unpeeled, in the freezer