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Jul 24, 2009 03:54 PM

Good vegetarian crock pot recipes?

I frequently run out of cooking gas and wind up with two options: crock pot or microwave. (I live in Mexico and we have to get the gas delivered via an unreliable truck to warm our water and fuel our stove.)

As a vegetarian, my favorite way to cook is on the stove or grill. But I did buy a crockpot, thinking I could do some wonderful bean stews or soups in it. My mom always had one, but of course, there was usually some sort of pork or beef in there. :) And I still prefer the soups, chilis and "stews" I make on the stove in a regular pot. Am I doing something wrong?

More importantly: does anyone have some good, simple crock pot suggestions for a vegetarian who loves to eat, works crazy (12-15 hr) days, and has a hungry surfer husband?

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