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Jul 24, 2009 03:41 PM

another chain coming to avenue road

Once agan, as I drove north on avenue road, I spotted a sign saying "thai ?? coming soon".
Looks like yet another chain is opening up on avenue road.
I spotted in on the west side of avenue road, very north...i,e past kim's nail salon (if that

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  1. My O Thai! Not another Thai place. We are pretty satisfied with Satay on The Road. Curious if anyone knows what is going in the old Shopper's Drug Mart location at Avenue and Woburn? I live near by and was hoping that it would be a fruit/veg market. We are lacking that in this area.

    Also, the old Second Cup location, is there any plans for that? So sad to see all these places out of business.

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    1. re: theresah

      Old Shopper's is becoming CIBC's new location as per the note on the door of their current location.

        1. re: theresah


          Like you, I wish it would be something new and exciting for the area. The spot is quite large for a bank branch.

          1. re: girlstar

            be thankful for what you're getting...Heaven Forbid yet another CONDO!!! lol....

      1. re: theresah

        According to another CH thread, a Tim Horton's/Coldstone Creamery will be opening up where that Second Cup used to be.

        1. re: toveggiegirl

          wow...thats amazing news!!! It's about

          1. re: domesticgodess

            Sob! More traffic congestion on Avenue Road.

            1. re: theresah

              I would love to see how they work a drive through at that location - parking was awful when it was a second cup, it will be disasterous if changes are not done for a potential Tim Horton.

              1. re: Pizza Lover

                I am not sure about the TIm's traffic, but I suspect that if it is a coldstone creamery, most of the traffic will be foot traffic. There is a Tims just north of that area with absolutely NO parking and I still manage to get my morning fix. I can't wait for that addition. Hopefully it is not just a rumor.


      2. i wouldn't mind another thai place, i find the food at satay on the road to be pretty dismal. how did you know it was a chain?

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        1. re: ddelicious

          The new thai place is called "Thai One On" - which has 2 or 3 other locations. I agree with ddelicious - anything to compete with satay on the road will be welcome.

          1. re: Pizza Lover

            Thai One On? Don't get excited.

            I agree that Satay on the Road is really not worth a dang. But, Thai One On may be worse. Oh well.

            1. re: Fwagra

              I saw a sign for a new patisserie opening up on Avenue Road. It is just south of the bagel place. Anyone know anything about it? The name escapes me.

              1. re: theFword

                I think you are referring to La Bamboche. They have a location at Yonge ad Manor Rd. That sign has been in the window for months now.

                La Bamboche
                4 Manor Rd E, Toronto, ON M4S, CA

                1. re: toveggiegirl

                  thank you Toveggiegirl. Do you know anything about the Manor location? With French Quarter up the road, I hope they can compete. Cheers.

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