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Jul 24, 2009 03:17 PM

Fair Lakes Virginia Restaurant

Hi All,
I'm looking for moderately priced good restaurant near or around Fair Lakes Virginia. I have a party of @ 20 people.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. There are some decent options in the immediate Fair Lakes vicinity, but none I would call stellar. The definition of "moderately priced" varies from one person to the next. A few places I recommend looking into:

    Probably not what you're looking for, but Tony's Pizza (in Fair Lakes center) is my favorite pie in the entire NoVA area.

    Coastal Flats in Fairfax Corner - part of local Great American Restaurants Chain, can get pretty expensive depending on how you order: http://www.greatamericanrestaurants.c...
    You would need to plan in advance before going in there with a group of 20 (though I'd recommend doing that anywhere).

    Sakoontra is a pretty good Thai restaurant, over by costco, but they may have difficulty accommodating a party of your size.

    Blue Iguana is a place a lot of people like, and I know they can do groups (with a somewhat confined group dining menu):

    Lastly, Rio Grande (Uncle Julio's chain) in Fairfax Corner is a safe bet if your party will be into tex-mex type fare. Again, call well in advance to set up for a large group. Excellent beef fajitas. I have been trying to replicate their beef fajita marinade for a while. Good freshly made tortilla chips. And all the standards. Drinks are pricey.

    Hope that helps. I will probably now get panned for recommending chains and safe choices, but I was trying to keep you right in Fair Lakes proper. If you want to roam a bit, there are other options.

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      As I live in the area, you hit the nail on the head and covered it well. My only change would be to recommend Arties(same rest group) over Coastal Flats. On;y a bit more of a drive.

      Give us a price range and mile radius. We can go from there:)

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        lowbar, if you ever come up with a recipe, please let us know over on home cooking! i think the fajitas on the rio grande's guadalajara platter are better quality meat than on the straight fajitas platter -- at least at the ballston restaurant. i love those bacon-wrapped, cheese and jalapeƱo-stuffed shrimp that define that platter!

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          Do not do coastal flats as they cannot put you all at the same table. When spread over several booths and tables, I think the experience of sharing a table looses something.

        2. Eggspectation on Rt 28 near Westfields Blvd (less than 5 miles from Fair Lakes) has a party room that can accommodate that many people.