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Jul 24, 2009 03:16 PM

Do I seriously need a food processor to prepare ice cream?

I just got my ice cream maker today from I don't feel like blowing over a hundred on a food processor, yet.

Does using a blender make any difference in the taste? And what setting is the best? I have an Osterizer 14 speed blender.


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  1. Who told you that you need a food processor for ice cream?

    1. I make ice cream all the time, and I use neither a food processor nor a blender - just a saucepan and the ice cream maker.

      1. I make ice cream fairly often. the most complicated piece of equipment involved is a zip lock bag.

        1. You do not need a food processor or a blender. You need an arm, a bowl, and (for cooked custard styles) a saucepan as ricepad noted. Maybe a strainer for a smooth custard base (though I often forgo that step). Enjoy your ice cream maker! Lots of threads--past and present--on homemade ice cream.

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            I don't usually make custard-style ice cream, but I still use the saucepan to scald the mix before cooling and putting it in the ice cream maker.

          2. The only reason for a blender is if you want to puree fruit to use as a flavour base.