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Jul 24, 2009 02:14 PM

Headed to EVOO tonight - any suggestions?

The Duck, Duck Goose looks particular interesting, anything else I should consider? Thanks.

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  1. Duck, Duck Goose is very good. However, everything on the menu is good in my opinion. Thus, if you see something else that looks good and is included in the 3 course for $35 menu you might want to consider this other item to save a few $'s.

    1. the fried oysters appetizer is amazing. They always have daily specials. I'm a light eater and usually enjoy a sampling of appetizers, soup/salads. The salads are always creative and delicious.

      1. probably too late, but get the wine pairings for $15 - we did this a few weeks ago and it was a wonderful addition of interesting wines at a great price.


        1. Sorry that I missed this earlier today but I would recommend the Chinese Box. The presentation is cutesy (almost cheesy) but the shrimp, beef and jasmine rice is delicious!