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Jul 24, 2009 01:58 PM

Looking for a good salsa recipe to go on top of tacos al pastor

I am looking for a good recipe for a salsa to top some tacos al pastor I found plenty of good al pastor recipes on line but can not fina good accompanying salsa recipe to save my life. Can anybody out there help out please!!!

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  1. Do you prefer a red or a green, mild or hot, and do you serve them with pina?

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    1. re: Veggo

      I prefer a red salsa on the hot side. I put pina in the marinade but it blends into the marinade not in chunks in the recipe.

      1. re: mexcook4life

        I have a cup of delicious red picante from 'my' taco truck on weekends; I just took a dab. I'll snag the recipe when I get my al pastor tomorrow. I like little slices of pina with mine, and lots of cilantro. And now they include grilled onions. Heaven on weekends with great tacos for a buck a throw!

        1. re: mexcook4life

          I went today for my al pastor fix. Their sauce is chiles de arbol, roma tomatoes, grilled onions, and salt, all pureed. I didn't get the quantities of each, I think they just wing it. Good sauce, though, and yes, it is on the hot side.

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            I will give it a try. I have been trying a bunch of hot sauces for al pastor and lots of them heve some kind of acid which goes well with the tacos. I will give this one a shot.